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Every individual of the builiding makes a humble contribution whatever each one can. Life is not kind to them and they struggle hard facing the trials and tribulations of life with a spirited determination and a broad smile on their lips.


AlLl the efforts of Raj to trace Rekha prove futile-- What happens there after which leads into very dramatic and moving climax, makes it must for the audience to see this picture, which is further enriched by the soulful musical dulha dulhan 1964 online dating, created by Kalyanji Anandji specially for this picture.

Bansi his dearet friend is a Radio Drama artist who also plays bits roles in films. Bansi suggest a suit. Neighbours started talking about them. Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Dulha Dulhan. Her behaviour sometimes makes them irritate so they make plan to leave her somewhere else, but she comes back.

The short spell of happiness is soon broken when on Divali night Rekha suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances.

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Dulha Dulhan is a romantic film. When she comes out from the shop, one old man starts shouting at her, and she gets scared, started running and meets with an accident.

She tells Raj that sh got scared to stay there alone so she will stay with him. One day Raj received a letter from his friend Ramesh at Ahmedabad, requesting him to look after his bosss daughter, who is visiting Bombay all alone, for the first time.

He lashes out the girl rebuking hr for concealing her identity. Raj lays bare the facts. In the meantime he should arrange for her stay in some posh hotel and look to her comforts and other requirement "If the girls stay in Bombay is made as pleasant as possible, my boss might promote me" writes his friend.

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Raj receives her, takes her to the city hotel but she insists upon staying with him in his room. The girl only cries pleading innocent.

Will she ever meet Raj? After some days, during Diwali, she goes out to bring gift for Raj. That old man is her father, the Jagirdar of Jaipur and she is his daughter, Chanda.

Raj tells him what all has happened and even he feels bad and gives the permission to stay.

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The stay together in a room hired by Bansi. Bansi tells Raj not to bring Rekha there and Raj tells him that he will keep her in a good hotel. Raj saves her life and marries her purely on humanitarian grounds.

True than life and sweeter than a dream, the story of "Dulha Dulhan", in nutshell is a lovers story, with a narrative that will hold the audience spell bound because of its dramatic values.

When she comes to her senses, she forgets Raj and her marriage, and only remembers that she had run away from the house because her father was forcing her for marriage.

Raj gets depressed but one day Bansi shows Chanda's Raj tried to convince her but no good results. Her behaviour sometimes makes them critate so they make plan, they tru to leave her but she comes back.

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Raj Kumar is a simple soft hearted man, blessed with a voice that has magical touch about it, a real throb of million hearts. Raj polietly explains that the room does not belong him but finding her very adamant, Raj eventually agrees to accomadate her till her father arrives.

Bansi gets irritated and leaves the house. He was spared no pains to make it a real moving-experience.

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That old man is her father. Destiny has its own course. Raj is stunnedend litiaily dazed at this revelation now confronting him.