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Very good value - Even trained teachers will tend to teach you to speak like a Da Nang person unless you emphasize that you want to learn Hanoi dialect, which is understood [eventually] throughout the country as it is the 'official' version and that used on TV.

The menus are in English, the staff is also very friendly and good with English. It's a hard-to-find place but once in there it's creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Guests solnce polunochi online dating savor a wide range of international and pan-Asian cuisines served by waitresses in traditional ao dai outfits.

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Book an Uber or Grab taxi or bike and you'll know your exact price. It is a yellow bus that has Hoi An - Da Nang along the front window. Run by a lovely couple from Italy and Spain, this restaurant will definitely bring you back home in the heart of Vietnam. F3 is a disco venue smaller than New Phuong Dong, but just as upscale in its ambiance and plays similar music.

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Other kind of special coffee shop is Chess Coffee Shop where you can drink soft drinks, fruit juices and play chess with other people. Buses leave Hanoi 's Giap Bat station in the afternoon, charge ,d as of Oct and take around 14 to 16 hours.

Friendly staff that speak English. Festival, on the second corner going up river from Cau Song Han on Tran Hung Dao, is the newest disco and the only one on the My Khe beach side of the river.

Besides the local food, there are also international cuisines such as the first Michelin star restaurant in Asia; La Maison by Michel Roux. The space is arranged to throw back the scenes of the old generation of vietnamese combine with the cinematic colours.

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There are several seafood restaurants along the My Khe beach, the other side of Cau Song Han -- the big lit-up suspension swing bridge. Amazing 10 shot challenge.

There are multiple motorbike shops. Stay on your right hand side of the street and you will come to an ally street with a hat shop on the corner turn right into the ally and the restaurant will be on your right.

Once on the bus keep your bags close to you.


It draws a smaller crowd because of its smaller size. The chefs can make Vegetarian, Vegan, lactose-free, sugar free, gluten free ice creams as required. If you just want to get to Hue, in addition to taking the non-stop train to Hanoi about two hoursyou can also take the 'local' train which is slow about four to four and a half hours from Da Nang to Hue, with several stops along the way; a car or taxi does it in twobut incredibly cheap 25, dong including a meal.

Buy Edit There are several local shopping markets scattered around the city and a few shopping centres. Interior is well-maintained and room facilities function well.

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Sleeper buses leave Da Nang around 20 to Remember the cheaper hotel are usually found 2 or 3 streets from the main beach area. Happy hour is 1 free with every 2 beers between 5pm - 8pm. Try some of the "shacks" that line the road along the beach. They exclusive design their own products to hope promote the city's brand image to the world.

There is an exotic menu of Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Indian and Indonesian, European, and international favorites prepared in the open show kitchens or over the barbecue. Couple this with Western offerings from the grill and the perfect evening awaits.

However, Da Nang is also not a place to learn how to ride a motorbike either as traffic does follow the spirit of the rest of Vietnam, where traffic flow is governed by peripheral awareness rather than street traffic signals.


Best if you go with a local person who can order for you. From Tien Sa or Chan May seaport: Baguette also functions as a local convenience store and a bakery coffee shop for villas and residences owners, stocking traditional Vietnamese grocery products, plus hard-to-find Western items for expats and tourists.

Rent a motorbike to travel to Hoi An. All rooms come equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay, including en-suite bathrooms and the larger rooms have their own balconies.

Cheap, clean and spacious hostel. The quality is high and you will enjoy interacting with the deaf.

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A must visit and try! The best time to visit is between May and October. They also serve wines, cocktails and fresh fruits juice. It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out. The fare is 20,d as of USD20 will get one 2 beds meant for 3 pax i.

The staff has basic English.