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Twardowski's forename is sometimes given as Jan Johnalthough most versions of his tale do not mention a forename at all. Across Poland, there are a number of inns and pubs called Rome "Rzym"all of which claim to be the one where Pan Twardowski met the devil.

He is typically depicted as a Polish noble either riding a rooster or standing on the Moon. Painting by Wojciech Gerson.

The Story About Master Twardowski

The oldest of these inns date back to only the late 17th century, about years after Twardowski's time. Painting by Ignacy Gierdziejewski. The tale of Pan Twardowski exists in various diverging versions and forms the basis for many works of fiction, including one by Adam Mickiewicz.

Pan Twardowski and the devil. This little show gathers crowds of amused spectators.

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The legend of Pan Twardowski inspired a great number of Polish, UkrainianRussian and German poets, novelists, composers, directors and other artists. One of the best known literary works featuring Pan Twardowski is the humorous ballad Pani Twardowska by Adam Mickiewicz The devil, however, prefers to run away and thus Pan Twardowski is saved.

His only companion is his sidekick whom he once turned into a spider ; from time to time Twardowski lets the spider descend to Earth on a thread and bring him news from the world below. The one in Sucha is probably the best known of these inns.


He may be found, for example, in some of the famous Cracovian cribs szopki. Pan Twardowski Polish pronunciation: After years of evading his fate, Twardowski was eventually tricked by the devil and caught not in the city, but at an inn called Rzym Rome in Polish.

However, Twardowski wanted to outwit the devil by including a special clause in the contract, stating that the devil could only take Twardowski's soul to Hell during his visit to Rome — a place the sorcerer never intended to go. Wild Hunt ; has a main storyline heavily inspired by the legend The title Pan, used as a universal honorific and polite form of address in modern Polishwas reserved for members of nobility szlachta at the time the tale developed and was roughly equivalent to the English Sir see Polish name.

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Places associated with Pan Twardowski Pan Twardowski abducted by the devil. He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for great knowledge and magical powers.

In this version of the story, Twardowski agrees to be taken to Hell on the condition that the devil spends one year living with his wife, Pani Lady Twardowska. Other works based on the legend include: This, however, may have resulted as a confusion between Pan Twardowski and a Polish Catholic priest writer, Jan Twardowski.

He takes a bow, waves his hand, and then disappears.