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While the traditional seasonal standards are Off the soundtrack to the wretched live action How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Busta trades bars with star Jim Carrey in character, but flowing with the same precision we saw him bring to Vanilla Ice and Snow parodies.

Long before Puff Daddy would be reborn into the capitalist emperor P.

Eazy E Christmas Songs

The end result is unfortunately more tame than one would expect. The production, featuring classic jingle bells and whistles over some loose beats, is sketchy at best.

Does it conform to the Christmas spirit of giving? Blow still performs it to this dayaffirming that Christmas is indeed one thing he knows. Fresh "X-Mas Rap" "X-Mas Rap" acta yahoo dating released at the same time as the movie Beat Street, to capitalize off of the live performance of it in the movie.

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But even though he has a SWAT team in his pear tree and five years in the pen, the shenanigans of the law have done little to dissuade the sheer holiday glee that Afroman delivers in true Christmas fashion. Each track is a ridiculous gem, turning everything lovable and recognizable about Christmas carols completely upside down.

It's clearly more than a novelty song; the energy and strength of the performance is as strong live as it is on wax.

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Fresh blesses the track with one of his best recorded beat-box performances. This is the original version.

5150: Home 4 Tha Sick

AA Sure, visions of sugarplum fairies might be dancing in your head this time of year. Busta Rhymes and Jim Carrey "Grinch " With all the recent holiday hoopla over his "Little Drummer Boy" duet with Justin Bieberwhat better way to impress your party guests than by digging in the crate of decorations and pulling out Busta Rhymes' first attempt at Holiday cheer.

Here are some examples of the best Christmas raps throughout the years — ranked from the songs that nailed the hip-holiday spirit to the tracks more ridiculous than anyone could have imagined. Featuring a masterful sample of old Christmas tunes with a beat so fire it could light your holiday hearth, Luda touches on something truly magical.

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And naturally, musicians have stepped up to the plate, offering their own spin on the Christmas classics to somewhat switch it up. They keep things clean, with the only glaring censored edit being a name drop of Heineken. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.

Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Comments Year after year, the holidays are heralded by the dozen or so songs you hear on loop for a month straight.

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Hey yo, remember that shit Eazy did a while back Motherfuckers said it wasn't gonna work word That crazy shit, yeah the stupid shit Hey yo Eazy! Hey man why don't you come off the piano for a minute and bust this crazy shit [Eazy-E] Woke up quick at about noon Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon I gotta get drunk before the day begin Before my mother starts bitchin bout my friends About to go and damn near went blind Young niggaz at the pad throwin up gang signs Ran in the house and grabbed my clip With the Mac on the side of my hip Bailed outside and pointed my weapon Just as I thought, the fools kept steppin Jumped in the fo' hit the juice on my ride I got front back and side to side Then I let the Alpine play Bumpin new shit by Nwa It was "Gangsta Gangsta" at the top of the list Then I played my own shit, it went somethin like this: Run-DMC "Christmas in Hollis" With the popularity of the A Very Special Christmas compilation, many of us grew up with "Christmas in Hollis" as the only rap song we were allowed to play on our parents' stereo during the holidays.

A charity single that's become the "cool Yule" signifier in media rangingeverything from Die Hard to "The Office".

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But it's going to take a little more to bring your Christmas party to the next level. Because the scene got so popular, later pressings of the song changed the title to "Santa's Rap" and took out the foul language to make it suitable for the whole family.

Cruisin down the street in my six-fo' Jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes Went to the park to get the scoop Knuckleheads out there cold shootin some hoops A car pulls up, who can it be? Diddy, he gave us a taste of his ideal material goods here, which is naturally a Benz under the Christmas tree.

The usual world of hip-hop badassery seems one opposite to the kid-friendly, family time of the holiday season, and when the two worlds meet it can be, well, confusing but entertaining nonetheless.

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When else would he rap about Daddy swerving on the highway from too much eggnog? This is a banger for every season.

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But when rappers do the same, it becomes something else entirely. But hearing these two excel at the very beginning of their rap prowess should cheer you up just a little bit.