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Nuclear energy is another necessity, especially with the threat of the greenhouse effect. Fluorinated greenhouse gases are one example of how difficult it is to solve environmental problems. Le imprese che forniscono gas fluorurati a effetto serra conservano tali registri per almeno cinque anni.

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In addition, forest fires intensify the greenhouse effect. Suggest an example gas a dating websites memphis serra gas ad effetto serra This Article also applies where fluorinated greenhouse gases are produced as by-products.

I gas refrigeranti riducono lo strato di ozono e contribuiscono all'aumento dell'effetto serra. Le emissioni registrate nel non devono assolutamente essere aumentate se vogliamo lottare contro l'effetto serra.

They're very touchy about this global warming thing. The undertakings supplying fluorinated greenhouse gases shall maintain those records for at least five years.

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It is intended that in order to counteract effetto serra yahoo dating greenhouse effect the level of emissions recorded in should not be exceeded. Global warmingacid rain, the national debt The greenhouse effect is one of the great problems of our time.

Abbiamo urgentemente bisogno di misure concrete per lottare contro l'effetto serra e per migliorare l'efficienza energetica. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Di conseguenza gli aerei provocano una sorta di effetto serra.

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I gas fluorurati a effetto serra sono un esempio di quanto sia difficile risolvere i problemi ambientali. Suggest an example Results: Inoltre il legno d'opera contrasta l'effetto serra, sostituendo l'energia fossile.

The refrigerant gases attack the ozone layer and contribute to the greenhouse effect.

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The forests of Europe also have an important role to play in terms of the greenhouse effect. Per giunta, gli incendi boschivi intensificano l'effetto serra.

Effetto serra

L'effetto serra, la pioggia acida, il debito nazionale The label shall clearly indicate that the foam or pre-blended polyol contains fluorinated greenhouse gases. L'etichetta deve indicare chiaramente che la schiuma o il poliolo premiscelato contiene gas fluorurati a effetto serra.

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Greenland's ice sheet suffers from greenhouse gases emitted elsewhere on Earth. In addition, timber combats the greenhouse effect by substituting fossil fuel.

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Nel l'Austria ha adottato disposizioni nazionali relative a taluni gas fluorurati ad effetto serra. As a result they cause a kind of greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect had been well understood for more than a century.

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Scientific findings on the ' greenhouse effect ' have been available for more than years. Le foreste d'Europa svolgono inoltre un ruolo essenziale ai fini dell'effetto serra.

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Austria has had national provisions on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases since We urgently need genuine measures to combat the greenhouse effect and increase energy efficiency. Any presumption of fluorinated greenhouse gas leakage in the fire protection system shall be checked by certified personnel.

Ogni presunzione di perdita di gas fluorurati ad effetto serra dal sistema di protezione antincendio viene verificata dal personale certificato.