GWEE51 - 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker GWEE51 - 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker

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Graphically, the Dreamcast version is every bit as good as the arcade. If the goal is reached within the time limit, you are rewarded with a cash bonus and the opportunity to advance to the next level.

How many times can a game with four levels be played? The game was challenging but not frustrating. For some reason, the character voices are silent in the Arcade mode; only Lizardtail and your trainer can be heard on the CB. Driving an wheeler does have its advantages.

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Unfortunately, Lizardtail, the rival, was a creep -- AM2 did a good lajanje na zvezde knjiga online dating with him. It also adds some serious speed to the game, which makes those boring stretches across the Arizona desert almost thrilling.

The framerate is smooth, the textures are fine and the trucks look good. Choose over 3 levels of cargo to maximize your profits - the heavier the cargo, the slower you accelerate and brake, but the nore cash you take home.

All trucks perform differently and require different approaches to finishing the level. If you are a fan of the arcade version, you may be puzzled that there are only four truckers.

Eighteen wheeler american pro trucker online dating, Sega added several features in order to compel gamers to buy this game as opposed to renting it for the weekend.

Race against rival Big-Rigs and the clock as you haul cargo across the nation in a no-holds-barred driving battle. Whereas, all the mini games Score Attack, Parking, and Versus mode feature complete voice acting by the truckers. In the home version of 18 Wheeler, the aforementioned parking stage and a Versus mode are now available.

18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (GameCube)

Choose from four different payloads to place in the path of your loved ones. The time given for each stage is not very generous, though luckily there are a few options that give the player a better chance. Most people, though, will find the Jump Pack an adequate substitute.

Reality takes a back seat to fun and physics, but the gaming experience is entertaining. The trick is in not taking on damage -- get there with minimum damage and get maximum pay.

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Damage him enough and not only will his semi start looking sorry, but you can even destroy his rig and remove him from the course. The arcade version features a mock diesel interior complete with oversized steering wheel and air horn.

The port is near perfect.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker for PlayStation 2 - GameRankings

The more damage you recieve, the less your load is worth. Most notably in framerate and road details. You can ride the slipstream into greater speeds, often zooming well past Lizardtail until the computer magically places him ahead of you.

However, the sound effects are right on.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker

Despite the lack of graphic horsepower compared to the arcade version, the environments are colorful and interesting to look at in 18 Wheeler, even the desert. The horn, as you may expect, gets traffic out of your way.

Over 20 hefty stages of truckin' action that take you across the country from New York to San Francisco plus three bonus stages that allow you to practice your truck driving skill. Not so with the Dreamcast version. Learning to slipstream is crucial to completing the game.

Beat the game with all four rigs and unlock Nippon Maru, a man with a truck lit up brighter than a Coca-Cola truck in a Christmas commercial. A rental at best. Each cab has its own character.

If you can judge a game by how aware you are of time, an hour after starting I was deeply immersed into the need to haul my payload to Dallas. A must buy for fans of the arcade version and a must rent for those who like a little vehicular mayhem.

However, another aspect missing from the game is the internet mode. I used that tactic on many occasions to prevent Lizardtail from crossing the finish line before me.

My dad drives a rig for a living and he encountered a tornado once; tossed his rig around silly. This really hurts the already limited length of the game and leaves two-player split-screen as the only multiplayer option. However, the graphics are clean, bright, and convincing.

Once you get used to the non-arcade-like horn and the delay, you can sit back and beep innocent travelers into the path of Lizardtail. Some players may take longer to get used to the system than others -- I fumbled a bit for the first two runs, but soon got the hang of it.

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Shifting may confuse the player at first. Even playing with a wheel peripheral sort of leaves something to be desired.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Walkthrough

You will really hate this guy after a while. Nice, but not enough to outweigh the things missing in the translation. But this game is not recommended for those who crave speed.

For the most part, this is a pretty identical port of the arcade version. You choose one of several truck drivers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and transport cargo from one location to another.

I must admit it seemed unfair at times, but soon I learned how to avoid his nastier driving habits. Dropping cars on friends was never so much fun. But even this feature has some problems.

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Forum Summary As a truck driver in each race, your goal is to make it to the finish line before time runs out. Both are vital techniques in completing the stages. It was very convincing, especially since 3D games sometimes put their emphasis on the player model and not the world around the model.