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With the closing ceremony they meet coincidentally and one year later meet them again to a meal, but it is nothing more like that as in former times.

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Alex is insulted still and places Eddy to the speech. The pregnancy test goes out however negatively. Eddy came ziwschenzeitlich however too it view that Stuart must be a blocked gay.

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Alex and Stuart do not want to permit this. Later Alex, which is more schwanger it, assumes some weeks.

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The film acts of three students, who live together in a Appartment in a student hostel and whose friendship is put for each other by complicated dear feelings to a hard test. Stuart einsam zweisam dreisam online dating this however and puts the hand back.

During a picknick trip the three friends bathe naked in a lake.

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Eddy thinks over its relationship with Alex and decides to have with their Sex. After a common evening in a bar Alex Eddy wants to entice to the Sex, but Eddy takes flight in the crucial moment. After this experience everything seems to be different.

Einsam, Zweisam, Dreisam (1994)

Alex throws an eye on Eddy, while Stuart wants to ranmachen itself at Alex. They approximate themselves much, however by a group of children are disturbed.

Alex is in such a way annoyed that she places Eddy to the speech. They raufen themselves together and it develop an uncomplicated group house.

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Stuart leaves later likewise the hostel and Eddy refers a single room. Eddy runs thereupon away.

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Alex and Stuart try to couple however Eddy with thick, also without success. After initial difficulties they arrange themselves somehow. They lie to third in Alex bed and it come to the Sex between them. Director Andrew Fleming reported in several interviews that the film script was based on own experiences during its college time.

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The revenge follows on the foot as Stuart a girl to the meal bring along. With a meal the three decide to close a pact. A daily pulls a new inhabitant into the free single room in the Appartment. Eddy announces the next day that he wants to take off. Here it must divide the Appartment with Macho Stuart.

However also different feelings come into the play in the course of the time.

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This successfully does not run however, because the two young do everything, in order to drive Alex out acquaintance. After some days Stuart and Eddy must state that it concerns with Alex a woman.

On the term end Alex pulls into its own dwelling. It wants to rausfinden this and one evening as both is drunk places it Stuart to the speech.

When it tells Stuart of it, it states that the object of its longing is Stuart. Around itself to justify Stuart tells that he has Sex with Alex. In addition, Stuart notices that with Eddy the something is not correct.

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In some interviews told Stephen Baldwin, which brother of William and Alec Baldwin that it had given still some further intimate scenes between him and Josh Charles, which were not no more used in the final version however. Attempts to receive a new room for Alex fail.

Eddy puts its hand zaghaft on Stuarts body, pulls these away however again.