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Never attach dryer ductwork together with screws. A 3 or 4 inch duct leading directly to the laundry room would simply not fly Taped drywall joints, taping of any electrical boxes, sealing of any penetrations, self-closing passage doors to the house are all mandated.

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Yes, I too have wanted to rescue that energy Only metal duct extensions are acceptable because plastic extensions may melt from the heat or clog from the lint. This could lead to poor performance, and premature failure.

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Duct vent extensions are available in a size that will fit the size of your ductwork, and most will come complete with the needed clamp to hook it up. The screw tips will catch lint, and the lint will build up to clog the duct and possibly create a fire hazard.

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This makes pulling it off and cleaning the inside hassle-free. They are useful in a situation when a hard shell extension goes through a wall so that a flexible metal duct will attach easily.

I know someone who exhausts their drier thru a filter into their basement, and then runs a dehumidifier to suck all the moisture back out.

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He specializes in do-it-yourself projects, household and auto maintenance and property management. There would be som condensation in the duct, but hopefully that would be picked you again and carried outside later in the cycle.

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Probably not efficient but it's a case where proper ducting would be awkwarc. Things You Will Need Metal duct tape, if applicable Warnings If you are going to use tape to seal the duct extension, always use metal duct tape and never use regular duct tape.

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Or you may need to extend the actual vent from the side of the house because the opening is either blocked, inaccessible or water condensate from the dryer runs down the side of your home and damages the siding.

Press it on firmly because friction will hold this together.

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The knurled side of the extension fits inside of the hose. If I wanted to do this, I'd consider running the dryer vent through a dust separator to catch most of the lint, then an extended length of duct for heat transfer, then dumping the humid air outside.

Here in Ontario, Canada, blocking any possible flow of carbon monoxide from an attached garage to the house proper is a major concern. Going up a size in ducting would help alleviate that Unscrew the clamp that holds the duct in place with a screwdriver and gently pull it off.

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The adhesive on regular duct tape will liquefy with the heat and lose the ability to stick, becoming unraveled in a short amount of time. Yalanovsky also writes a bimonthly column that provides home improvement advice. If you want a permanent connection, however, wrap the end where the edges meet with metal duct tape.