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The EHX 22 Caliber was a 22 watt solid state pedal capable of driving either an 8 ohm or 16 ohm speaker cabinet. It is described by the company as "the finest harmonic distortion-sustain device developed dating gehandicapten bnn news date".

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The solid-state White Finger followed. Although the first Big Muff production date was for many years cited asthe first version of the Big Muff was actually sold in as a hand-made "perf board" version.

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These cover a range of capability, including reverb length, room simulation, etc. It was reissued years later by EHX and a smaller version of the pedal was eventually introduced in a 'Nano' casing officially called the "Small Stone Nano Chassis ".

The Deluxe Memory Man also includes built-in chorusing and vibrato effects. It had first been sold in and was by that the first flanger in pedal format.

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Another pedal of note was the vacuum tube -powered Black Finger Compressor which adds distortion-free sustain to the sound and which appeared in the mid s.

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Tremolo and Vibrato[ edit ] Tremolo and vibrato are included as well, in both solid-state and vacuum tube options. They also produce the '' pedal, which allows complex looping and multi-track overdubbing.

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Octave, pitch and synthesizer[ edit ] Also available are a series of pitch modulation pedals. Other pedals[ edit ] Additionally, Electro-Harmonix produces several other pedals.

The pedal featured the same controls as the Mu-tron III and incorporated a "Boost" feature, which activates an internal pre-amp and changes the function of the gain knob giving the Q-Tron a sound almost identical to the Mu-tron III. A production version with an etched PCB board was made in early It has been discontinued.

The Flanger Hoax pedal is a more advanced unit, allowing further control of the various parameters of phaser, flanger and chorusing effects.

Another feature added to Q-Tron was an effects loop switch and attack response switch.

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These are available in the Stereo Pulsar solid-state and Wiggler tube pedals. The Small Clone chorus is a very popular chorus pedal, used by Kurt Cobainboth live and in studio.

As of [update] Electro-Harmonix produced a reissue assembled in New York City ; until it produced a version made by Sovtek in Russia which provided a slightly different tone. The Electric Mistress is an analog flanger.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Small Clone chorus pedal Electro-Harmonix often produces a range of pedals based on a single effect, and then combines two or more into higher end units. Originally this was intended to be a pedal that would mimic the fuzz tones of Jimi Hendrix and other guitarists at the time, but the result was a mix of a fuzz and distortion pedal with a very heavy sound.

Amongst them are the Bassballs appropriately named for its intended use with bass guitarsDoctor Q and the Q-Tron.

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These include the Graphic Fuzz a fuzzbox which includes an EQ sectionthe Frequency Analyzer which creates ring modulation and the Voice Box, a vocoder. The company's Holy Stain multi-effects pedal also includes two different types of reverb.

Notable users include Cobain i. A smaller more compact version, the Mini Q-Tron, is also available, as well as an even smaller version, the Micro Q-Tron.

The Voice Box has been included in a series of demonstration videos produced by Jack Conte.

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On the Neo and Stereo Mistress, this is achieved at a certain setting on the "rate" knob. The Bass Big Muff replaced the Russian version.

The 1 Echo provides basic digital echo capability, while the Deluxe Memory Man provides more control over length, repeats, etc.