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Electronic boost controller external wastegate hookup, part no. 3004

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The side port is the primary port. This article will focus on electronic boost control and the solenoids that make this sort of control possible. Dealers should contact Hondata to order these components. Why set boost by gear, not speed? FAQ Do I need my existing manual or electronic boost controller?

So, another decision chart should look like this.

Boost Controllers

So that a the flirts helpless lyrics faith 0. Being before the age of computers, they were entirely analog. As the aircraft climbs and the air density drops, the density controller slowly closes the valve and traps more oil in the wastegate actuator, closing the wastegate to increase the speed of the turbocharger and maintain rated power.

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The spring rate is also the base boost level of the gate. More intelligent control can be added by integrating an electronic boost controller.

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Advantages include simpler and more compact installation, with no external wastegate piping. Record the boost without the boost control solenoid in place. Boost control resolution can be terrible.

In order to provide a constant torque at the wheels to keep the tire at the peak tractive effort, two things are obvious: If more boost is desired a stiffer spring must be installed in the wastegate.

Electronic boost control with the GFB TMS touch

The ECU produces a square wave at a fixed frequency and variable duty cycle. This could be the cheapest mod an owner does to a boost car that improves the power and the response of the engine.

It combines integrated pressure, a compact solenoid valve, and a faster computerized processor to provide you stable boost curves and quick responses. The point at which the diaphragm opens the valve is determined by the unit's spring rate.

They feature a solenoid or a stepper motor that controls the pressure signal that the wastegate actuator sees. In the end its going to come down to the total combination of parts used, but assuming all the parts have been engineered to work well together, any level of boost control can be obtained.

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Not to mention it is simpler, smaller, lighter and cheaper. This helps the turbo to spool faster in off boost situations. If we have a 10 psi spring in the wastegate, and the turbo is making 10 psi, and we have the electronic boost solenoid venting everything to the atmosphere, than the wastegate will open at 10 psi.

If you ever want to run less boost than the recorded value, replace the spring and repeat.

Electronic Boost Controller

This also adds further complexity to boost control, requiring more control ports on the solenoid or possibly a complete second boost control system with its own separate solenoid.

The wiring of the solenoid is identical to a 3 port or even a 2 port solenoid.

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The ability to help the wastegate remain closed as boost pressure builds can be increased. The 14 psi would enter into port 1, and the solenoid duty cycle would bleed 4 psi of air pressure out port 3, making it so that only 10 psi came out of port 2.

The reason why this boost control method is preferred over the method above is that by having a strong spring it will keep the wastegate closed more before reaching the desired boost level.

3 Port Vs 4 port boost controllers

Now I know what your thinking……if we do that than the wastegate will always be pushed open once we reach spring pressure, but just wait. This is exactly the opposite of the first port.

Most internal wastegates have only a single port. See the help topic in the SManager help file, or reference the diagram above. An external wastegate installed next to the turbocharger.

Electronic Boost Controller

Air pressure allowed to enter this second port aids the spring to push harder in the direction of closing the wastegate. Remember that in the first method we manipulated how much pressure was available to open the wastegate, while in this method we will manipulate how much pressure is actually helping the spring to keep the gate closed.

This is because with a standard 3 port controller you should be able to get psi of boost with a large base spring; Unless you're running a diesel engine than you should be good to go, but that is not the case.

Wastegate sizing[ edit ] Wastegate sizing is inversely proportional to the desired level of boost and is somewhat independent of the size or power of the engine.

Wastegates - External

Wastegate Spring Upper Housing There are two factors to consider when it comes to choosing an external wastegate-the first is valve size which is how many wastegates are generally described; for instance, "a 46mm wastegate. A GReddy electronic boost controller, for example, has an OLED display with a rotary dial control and simple two-button operation that gives you accessible control over everything.

While this may not have been needed years ago when wheel HP was rare and traction was not a problem, that is not the case now. The solenoid and wiring connector are the commonly available GM part numbers and Disadvantages in comparison to an external wastegate include a limited ability to bleed off exhaust pressure due to the relatively small diameter of the internal bypass valve, and less efficient performance under boost conditions.