Lacquered, Painted, Polished: elf's $1 Essential Lipsticks- Swatches and Review Lacquered, Painted, Polished: elf's $1 Essential Lipsticks- Swatches and Review

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This is your perfect everyday lipstick If you are interested, the shades omitted are Classy, Nostalgia, and Flirtatious.

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The Packaging Ok so the packaging isnt exactly great i have to admit I think these lipstick are great for their price! I wanted to try something out, and went searching for swatches for different products. When I removed it I discovered that the grittiness was tons of huge flaky silver glitter.

This is another everyday shade Here are all of my ELF lippies together: I'm actually really excited to finally be doing this review.

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This is exactly what i plan to do in the next few days so if you would like me to show you how please comment below: All of those colors are lighter than the lightest shade I have right now, which is Charming, so that should give you a good indication of their colors.

But trust me it's there, and it looks really ugly.

E.l.f. e.l.f. Essential Lipstick - Flirtatious reviews, photo - Makeupalley

Yes, gross chunks of gross. All the swatches together: The pigmentation on these really surprised me and the scent on them are not that bad plus the scent wears off after a while so thats good Introducting 2 new shades: I had this problem more with the color Flirtatious the bubblegum pink color.

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Now i know what you are thinking Which one if your favorite? You also see the little clear window near the middle which is great to see the shade of the lipstick you have. I believe there are 12 shades out at the moment and I have 9 of them.

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This is a beautiful bubblegum pink Its matte and glossy not hugely pigmented but enough to give you a pretty pink look Gypsy Gypsy: I've already shown you in my review of elf' mineral eyeshadows how elf isn't very consistent in their products- the two mineral eyeshadow brushes I got were completely different from eachother.

My overall opinion Overall opinion is that this is the best cheap lipstick i have ever tried in my life You can't tell in the picture, but Sociable is incredible gritty. Its not as strong a some of the more brick red shades that is available but strong enough to were on an event or night out Amazing lipsticks, creamy, pigmented, and moisturizing.

I don't feel like I need to put on lip balm before wearing the lipstick. This is a more brick red shade I mean, they do have some serious issues with the packaging. Anyway, these lipsticks are amazing, not just for their price, but overall. One of my favorites Gypsy: I bought mine on their French official website, eyeslipsface.

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And Sociable just felt gross because of the grit. But this has happened to me several time already.

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But the rest are nice, too. These lipsticks dragged a bit across my lips when I applied them, but they didn't apply streaky and I didn't have to apply a bunch of layers to get the color payoff I wanted. YES it does look cheap and you surely wouldnt get away with saying you paid more for it but the packaging is in fact quite sturdy

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