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Bran New Kiss (EP) Tracklist

A lot of the speculation about the dance suggests that U-KISS will have to come up with a cleaner version to be able to perform it on TV. This only temporary, as he was too busy finishing up his semester at Columbia University to prepare for a comeback as well.

Before I say a word…I need you to know that I really like U-Kiss a lot and think that they are so underrated!

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Lots of eye-candy in this video, male and female alike! This picture speaks for itself…no need to go into details….

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Every time the camera cuts to a dancing scene, it is always tight, crisp, and strongly executed. The actress is acting I guess.

You have to be a good example for your underage maknae! The song fits the video.

Debbie Gibson - Don't Flirt With Me

They are truly talented guys! I feel like his voice is perfect for this track because it is so soft and soothing. To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain".

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Do you think they needed something else because they are not as talented as other groups? Being in a nightclub can be pretty gritty! Or is it SooHyun who sings outside under the lights and maybe he is just visualizing these different scenarios happening to his girl if she goes out dressed like that!

The song that was going to push them over into the big time. On the whole, I was a bit disappointed by this comeback.

In the Know

Their voices blend together so nicely and their harmonies are always spot on. Some of the members, like Eli, seem to have taken to it rather well, even filming bed scenes.

The lyrics talk about a girl who is a flirt. Actually, why is he smoking in a bathtub?

UKISS Lyrics: U-KISS - Don't Flirt With Me / Quit Playing Lyrics | Romanized English Hangul

The mood of the video fits the song. Pictures in this review may cause loss of innocence and uncontrollable drooling…you have been warned! Publish your explanation with "Explain" button. I really love that KiSeop has more lines in this song.

U-KISS – Standing Still Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

The dance is pretty sexy- too sexy for music shows at least. The vocals stand out, as always, because these boys can sing!

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The rhythm is so good. Which one of the guys is her main man?

Dropping kpop translation lyrics like it's hot

Well, let me back up. I really like this song! Did they have to show a close-up of that girls butt as she is on top of Eli in the bed?

Did Kevin spank that girl? But whether alone, with one other dancer, or as a group, their dance was on point. It kind of seems like they were just inserting random sexy scenes for sex appeal and nothing else. Now, did they honestly have to throw in the threesome scenes with HoonMin and KiSeop?

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I had to listen to it several times to be able to remember the melody of it. Cinderella…Standing Still…love these songs! Or maybe it is Eli because why else would he be smoking in a bathtub and looking all sad at the end?

U-KISS (유키스) – 0330

Their members are really talented singers and dancers! And man, did they ever.

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Say what you mean, don't hurt me baby Don't flirt with me I can't deny, I want you baby Don't flirt with me Just stop, before someone gets hurt Don't flirt So I was really happy to hear his parts-he nailed it! It creates a focus and enhances each scene differently.

I'm A Flirt

And their last comeback was great too! Newest, and super-under age, member Jun! The red just pops! Debbie Gibson — Don't Flirt With Me lyrics If you mean it - well, then you mean it If you don't - just stay away I don't want to be a penny That you saved for a rainy day Stop wishing it, take action I tell myself make your move It's just a kiss Better stop it, think logically Do I want a guy who acts like this Chorus: U-KISS, a group that was one of my first favorites, is back with a new single and a new lineup.