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The material, in general, is aimed at more experience thread workers. Each one incorporates part of the famous Fearson Hookup, and each is explained in detail. As it moves up again it passes through a ring formed by the performer's fingers, as proof that there is no external support, and ends up in the performer's mouth.

This clever rigging allows you to get in and out of the hookup right in front of your audience! Now you can enjoy the benefits of nearly 20 years of experience as he shares his pet secrets, subleties and favored techniques for the first time on DVD with the Master Levitation System.

The DVD alone would be worth the price.

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Nonetheless, this is a great bonus and a clever, creative routine that may even serve as inspiration for other magicians. Also included on the DVD: Effect[ edit ] The performer displays a cigarette which behaves in almost a magnetic fashion, sticking to a fingertip, the tongue etc.

Revealed for the first time is the enhanced Fearson Hookup. However, it is still good stuff to know, like the two point hook up. This is best performed in the dark for many reasons, the most important being the fact that the levitating object is a green, glowing "alien life form", and you require darkness to get the full glowing effect.

Thread Bullets DVD - Steve Fearson

This won't require any special clips, velcro, etc. There's a little bit of tricky setting up but certainly nothing too complicated like some magician's try and market. On it, Steve goes over how to get started with the thread, preparing an object for levitation, how to use his hookup, thread storage methods, the details of the hookup, his full cigarette routine, additional thread moves, handlings, very cool effects, special tips, other sources, and even other brand new hookups!

Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed Customers who bought this product also purchased One end of the invisible thread is attached by wax to the cigarette and the other end is attached to the right thumb, with the middle of the invisible thread is attached to the head, making it possible to create effects that previous to Fearson's discovery had been impossible, such as making the cigarette fall to the ground performed by placing the right thumb near the head, causing the cigarette to fall down.

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You can purchase The Master Levitation System at the link below. It's perfect for the classics like the Floating Rose. Afterwards, he carries the alien object downstairs, out the front door, and finally tosses it up into the sky where it soars higher and higher before disappearing completely into the night sky.

The second phase, however, is an evolved version of Steve's floating cigarette and it looks super-cool.

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Over two decades ago Steve Fearson blazed the trail, charted the course and set the world of thread magic in motion with his famous Fearson Hookup. Pick up some Vectra Line to use with these routines. You can do card tricks all day that require tons of complex sleights and countless hours of practice and still not get the same reaction that you'll receive from performing one quick levitation.

Steve Fearson is recognized worldwide as the king of close up levitations. History[ edit ] Fearson had seen an illusion performed by John Kennedy, called the "Animated Self-lighting Cigarette ".

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Do you want to respond to this review? Ammar does a brilliant job of showing you how to handle the thread as well as work with the conditions of the performance environment.

In fact, you could do this one naked Master Levitation System - Steve Fearson Even a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System and it will be like you've moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned.

Today, Fearson's Thread Bullets are revolutionizing thread work again by encouraging more magicians than ever to "take a shot at thread magic". But the nature of the device allows for some new and exciting applications. Learn how to make a Sharpie marker into a super-stealth invisible thread dispenser!

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