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Wanting to atone for his own past wrongs, Hundert admits to Martin Blythe about the fudging of the first Mr. The now adult members of Hundert's class are also invited, and all enjoy the reunion, with Metha now working as a college professor of ancient history himself.


Hundert is later told that Sedgewick Bell will make a tremendous donation to Saint Benedict's, but that is contingent upon Hundert hosting a Mr. However, when Hundert sees Bell using crib notes, the headmaster orders Hundert to ignore it.

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Julius Caesar competition is an event in front of the whole school, which is a series of questions about classics. Hundert then asks a question on Hamilcar Barca which was not covered in class, but is answered by another contestant, Deepak Metha, who knew due dating etiquette third date his personal interest in military scienceand Metha is crowned Mr.

The cheating is never publicized, but the trust Bell and Hundert had in each other is broken. Twenty-five years later, Hundert is poised to become the new headmaster, but resigns in shock when a less experienced teacher gets the position due to his fundraising ability.

After a dressing down from his father, Bell develops a close relationship with Hundert. Afterwards Bell announces that he will be running for a seat in the U.

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Hundert asks a question about Shutruk Nahuntewho all the other men know about sans Bell. Hundert is then greeted by a surprise party of his class, and they present an award engraved with a quote about education. Hundert decides to return to his old job teaching classics in the present-day Saint Benedict's, which is now coeducational and more diverse than the class.

However, the tirade was overheard by someone else in the bathroom, one of Bell's sons, who is shocked to learn his own father's true self.

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Plot[ edit ] William Hundert works at a boarding school for boys called Saint Benedict's in The following morning, the place is empty save for Bell starting his senatorial campaign.

However, Hundert reconsiders his actions when he sees Martin Blythe, the rightful third place contestant, despondently withdrawn under a tree. Echoing the start of the class, Hundert has one boy read a plaque on the wall. Bell goes on to tell Hundert that the "real world" is full of dishonesty, and Hundert has let life pass him by.

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Blythe verbally forgives Hundert, but his body language is ambiguous. He is a passionate teacher of Classics who finds his tightly-controlled world shaken when a new student, Sedgewick Bell, walks into his classroom. The men wave goodbye as Hundert's helicopter departs, and he reflects that while he failed with Bell, he succeeded with others.

Senator who possesses none of Hundert's principles.

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Julius Caesar contest at Bell's resort hotel on the Gold Coast. While the men applaud, Hundert is aghast that he was used for political grandstanding.

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Metha answers correctly and once again wins. Bell returns to his class clown ways and barely graduates inwith Hundert remarking he had a sense of deep disappointment handing Bell the diploma. After Hundert intentionally raises Bell's class rank by one place, Bell finishes in the top 3 in Hundert's class and qualifies for the traditional end of the year Mr.

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However, when the competition progresses, Hundert sees Bell is being fed answers through an earpiece, echoing the original cheating. The boy is then shown to be the son of Martin Blythe, who gladly waves hello to his old teacher.

Sedgewick Bell is the cocky son of a U. Shortly after his announcement, Hundert and Bell run into each other in the men's room, where Hundert confronts Bell about his immorality.