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An Italian dictionary that is used not only to check the exact orthography and the exact pronunciation of words or to know the meaning of those you cannot understand, but even more often to check the exact construction of sentences and to help you to choose the right sentence according to criteria of communicative efficiency.

Translation websites They deserve a special section. As you can read in its introduction: Here we refer to some dictionaries that we believe have most correspondence in line with the above criteria: You will find a search box. There is a vast array of offers on the Internet and they are free of course.

This is another important daily newspaper we have already talked about in the article dedicated to newspapers.

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We have talked about it in this article, where you can find a dictionary Sabatini-Colletti, long time authors and researchers with great competence. This experience is probably less dramatic than you think, although, obviously, you need a little bit of experience of this language.

It certainly is the most radio aire leeds dating apps and authoritative source.

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Its page looks very simple. These dictionaries are the most used by our students, that is why they have been quoted. When you digit the word, you are looking for, you will see a list of items that help you to be more precise in your research: It avails itself of the work of another famous author, Aldo Gabrielli, with his Grande Dizionario, published by Hoepli In its introduction you can read: It follows more the criteria introduced at the beginning, than the previous dictionary.

The students of our school, who have tried it, have noticed only one problem.

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It is too complete in such a way that all the proposed solutions can create confusion. This can become a problem, rather than a solution. This is the main point of reference, when we face the study of a language.

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It is the most useful tool, if it is clear, easy to understand and complete. Moreover, the Sabatini-Colletti considers and defines the lexicon of both common and special interest Italian and of traditional literature.

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Here is its introduction: Also, on the page where there is the word you have been looking for, you will find, on top of its explanation, a list of words linked to it. You know the dictionaries from Italian to your language and the other way around better than I do.

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The best Italian dictionaries online The best Italian dictionaries online You should always have a dictionary on hand. This idea, however, is dedicated to those who feel like trying to use an Italian-Italian dictionary.

You also have the possibility to listen to the word pronunciation, both in Italian and in the other language, thanks to a specific icon for sound, while another icon provides the keyboard in the language you wish or, for some languages, the opportunity to write by hand.

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You can find the search box by words and by alphabetical letters as well. Here are good tools for those who want to maintain the Italian language they have studied, even though they are far from Rome or from Dilit.

That is, dictionaries used by Italians.