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I also got the same impenetrable telnet login prompt, and a pretty restrictive uBoot shell. It was a Linux filesystem, predictably. It allows multiple concurrent connections too, without any fuss at all. Yes, this thing exists. In this case, overexposure of system services means we could write a rogue application, compel a user to connect our app to the device using the default credentials, and then use the already-inbuilt functionality to perform unsolicited actions on the device.

The Endoskop kamera testsieger dating app looks a bit like this: It is a pretty normal, slightly awkwardly-shaped vibrator with a camera in the end.

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Or send pictures in emails? Time to start Googling. On connecting to the Siime Eye AP with a laptop, we can try the server at Vulnerable Wi-Fi dildo camera endoscope. In theory, this would let us, or any browser which has access to this web application, read the contents of any response from the server.

I wanted to find the firmware, to get a sense of what was actually happening in the background.

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After hitting it with a wordlist for way too long, I gave up. They suspect that the early version of the Sky Viper cam control app was partly written by the same guys who wrote the dildo app code.

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That means we can query a wardriving site like wigle. So, after some light googling of some.

AN99 7MM Endoscope Borescope Inspection Wire Camera

After the WeVibe lawsuit and settlementwe started looking at the security of IoT sex toys again. Yes really Beau du Jour 03 Apr Sometimes, our jaws hit the floor. All it does is returns JSON data indicating success or failure.

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Could we get a root shell and persistence? An authentication box pops up, prompting for a username and password. The next step had to be to dismantle it.

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Software The web application is designed for administering a much more general-purpose camera, one attached to a drone, for example. Should that vibrator also contain hidden functionality to connect itself to Skype?

Is there any reason a vibrator should also be a Wi-Fi access point?

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After some digging, I found out the problem. No easy-wins here either. This choice was odd. It looked a lot like stderr and stdout might just be echoed out for debugging purposes.

Suffered a Security breach?

It also has some handy exposed UART pads, which are easy to clip onto. Geo-locating wireless vibrator users Under normal use, the wireless AP name is also static.

To save videos automatically to a network file share? We see some pretty bad things in IoT security, but this has to take the biscuit.

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As we often see in embedded device web interfaces, all settings requests get processed by an array of. Oh, and being a Wi-Fi AP means you can find users too… This part surprised us the most — using Wi-Fi is logical, given the bandwidth required to stream video, but most IoT devices would be configured to operate as a Wi-Fi client, not an access point.

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A typical response from one of the more banal. Nothing seemed to be working, and there were no clues online about what the password might be. What about a vibrator which has an endoscope camera in the end of it?