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The first knowledge was quite empirical, it was believed that the problem was the beetle and not the tree, for this reason some methods were experienced that maybe at the time was the most appropriate, but at the present time it is known that are totally absurd.

Perhaps you will never have a clear picture on how to prevent these natural disasters, but today you can work on prevention through proper management of the forest.

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The use of chemical products was one of the first methods to be used, because it damaged in addition to the weevils to other insects that inhabit the environment, in addition to this their high costs made it not accessible, in the Today's talk about the use of chemicals is a problem as our planet is in a critical situation, climate change and human-caused pollution are destroying our planet.

In addition, control of pine beetle attacks today does not mean a total loss, as direct control methods provide the opportunity for timber trade to collapse, which creates little hope for landowners and areas Which have been affected.

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The keys to improving the control processes are in the investigation of the factors that promote and the aggressiveness of the attacks, without a doubt has been learned much since the first attempts of control made in the 60's, despite this still We do not have the logistics and adequate resources to improve control, at least in our country.

Measures ranging from the use of chemicals to the use of hot water and solar exposure, and the best known and the one currently used, direct control, cutting the attacked trees has long been the first line of defense against attack of this aggressive plague.

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Over time the investigation began and with this new measures of control arise, each with its advantages and disadvantages, perhaps one of the obstacles that appeared in the attacks of the past was the lack of knowledge that was had about the insect as Today, research has strengthened the measures that are taken and with this the decisions.

Edward Moncada The article talks about a recapitulation of the first knowledge that was acquired near the beetle of the southern pine.

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