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Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm • Lip Balm Review & Swatches

But to decrease the risk of irritation, we cut any formula that uses them. Like Badger, it uses only four ingredients; however, it skips out on vitamin E and beeswax, two potential irritants to sensitive skin. Contenders cut for our sensitive skin pick: Lucas PawPaw boasted a promising formula, but it came in large packaging reminiscent of a toothpaste tube, with no tip for smooth application.

Coconut — Naturally Smooth Lip Balm Coconut Finally, we tested each remaining balm for scent, convenience, and ease of application.

The Best Lip Balm

We also wanted to find a gutschein selber machen online dating balm that could appeal to a broad audience, without tints, flavors, and gloss. Our sensitive skin pick avoids it altogether.

EOS Lip Balm was well known to me since a few years back when I got one of their limited edition release, a pink one with white stripes. Naturally minty sources like eos lip balm review uk dating oil or eucalyptus produce this feeling safely.

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Our remaining options were bucketed into two clear groups: After a series of applications with each balm, we whittled the contenders down to the most convenient and the best-feeling.

The thing is that I have to re-apply the lip balm quite often, comparing to other lip balms like the one from Eucerin or The Body Shop my fav one is vanilla scented.

EOS Lip Balm

John Masters Organic Lip Calm was butter-thick on the skin. Our experts helped us pinpoint the most common irritants, and we gave the boot to any lip balms with ingredients most likely to cause issues. Does this lip balm really work?

We nixed anything with camphor, phenol, or menthol.

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Favorites made lips appear soft and mostly matte. Being a beauty blogger gives me the possibility to try out a bunch of new lip products and there are days when I test up to 3 lip products so I have to keep my lips soft and moisturized.

This gave us a list of 66 lip balms — from run-of-the-mill ChapStick to formulas from luxury beauty brands — all available for purchase nationwide. Even scents you loved in the past might not be fair game, says Peter Lio, an assistant professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University.

How We Found the Best Lip Balm

Why expose your lips to 19 or 20 potential irritants when five will get the job done? EOS Lip Balm for me is a lighted formula lip balm, for a daily use when you just want to keep your lips smooth and soft, and can be used even prior applying lipstick or a matte formula lip product.

It uses only four natural and organic! With two ingredients for two dollars, Vaseline is about as simple as it gets — and you can choose to apply from either a tube, a tub, or a tin.

EOS Lip Balm

We cut any formula with more than 15 ingredients, which was the clear dividing point between the two groups. Going to be in the sun? What makes EOS lip balms so special in my opinion are two things: We quizzed aestheticians and dermatologists on what to look for and what to avoid in an ingredients list, focusing on which formulas moisturized the most: The packaging is quite innovative and special for a lip balm.

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They have a fruity scented formula with a sweet discernible taste to me. A single question drove our research: Allergens can be tricky to target; an ingredient you love may make your best friend break out in hives.

If your skin is particularly sensitive and irritable, we loved Smith's Rosebud Salve.

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We prioritized designs that were practical and could fit into pockets for on-the-go application. Additionally, the moisturizing benefits of beeswax are well-documented, which is why it appears in so many formulas including our top pick.

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The acid acts as an exfoliant, and, in theory, exfoliating flaky lips is a good thing. Most people forget to protect the lips when applying sunscreen for the day, so a lip balm with SPF is crucial. Sky Organics Lip Balm, similarly, was so shiny that our lips looked wet.

In the interest of serving the most people possible, balms with a strong scent — think lemongrass, play-doh, artificial coconut, or old perfume — were easy cuts.