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Error validating verification code.

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The session is invalid because the user logged out. To submit this 'Page Public Content Access' feature for review please read our documentation on reviewable features: There may be no current posts available from the social network.

I cannot provide screen shots as the only image editor on this laptop Windows Picture Manager and it only saves in. Access tokens are needed to make calls on facebook graph api.

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Is there any API end point that gives the contact info? Why are they saying that This permission is not required for your app's intended function? This article is updated july after initial publish because of changes in facebook API.

Using facebook off-line access to post on user's wall

The information that I'm trying to fetch does not require a Facebook Login anyway. This is very simple. Or at worst will i get asked to stop? Apparently, I'm the only one who uses it.

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Error validating verification code I have created two servlets named s1 and s2. But here are the issues on the Facebook Channel page: This has to be done without scoping the access token to the user id.

Session does not match current stored session. I need to go through the set up documentation again webdevtim. Why was the App verification approved last time there was a blue coloured check mark icon and and it was verified but not in the latest review.

They tried to login fro Answers I recently dealt with exactly this problem: Hopefully uploading new firmware will solve the problem, but I won't get to that today, So I will attach those screen shots tomorrow. Also, in response to certain events that are security-related, access tokens may be invalidated before the expected expiration time.

I followed the Server-side Flow on page http: The code parameter is what I got from facebook callback.

Getting the token

Currently it authenticates with users of the database. You can read about more errors in our API Error reference but these three errors are the most common when dealing with access tokens. Please use a variable length data type without a specific maximum size to store access tokens.

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In the guide page, it says the following url could be used to generated an access token: Sometimes its called, sometimes it isnt. I keep seeing this error message: An active access token I am getting this error when i try to use Facebook Connect.

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However, this project does not contain any external authentication classes, such as Startup. I took Microsoft's suggestion and decided to update my Windows 7 installation, But when I got up in the morning to check how the update went, all I had on screen was a text message that there had been an unauthorized access to firmware and that the boot-sector on the RAID 5 array could no longer be located.

Error validating access token: I had provided my company's website, privacy policy and the remaining things that are required for a review.

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A Facebook page URL is fed to the script. Another option is to call it when a session change notification occurs, indicating that a session has closed.