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Look at the beautiful designs on this pillar inside the Palau. One of the most important expansions is the adjoining building of six stories that houses dressing rooms, a library, and an archive.

Palau de la Musica Catalana

Guided Tour of Palau de La Musica Catalana If you're not a fan of classical music or you're trying to save money, a guided tour is a perfect opportunity to view the building. Just a few streets down towards the beach, on your right you will find the Avenida de la Catedral and Barcelona's cathedral.

On arrival at the building it took me some time to find my bearings and you may find yourself circling the building in search of the area that you need. You cannot visit Barcelona without a visit to the Palau de la Musica Catalana interior.

This is a 2, seat venue with an ornate glass roof - the main setting for concerts and recitals.

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The bar is situated between massive pillars of brick and is illuminated from behind by expansive stained-glass panes that are suspended above it.

For example, on leaving the Palau's main entrance where the ticket desk is locatedyou will step on to Via Laietana.

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And yet the building follows exactly the exhortations of the three irish ladies dating rationalists. A detail escuchar musica catalana online dating the entrance Entrance[ edit ] Originally, guests entered the Palau from the street through two arches supported by thick pillars that opened into the vestibule.

The hall is a popular gathering place for concert-goers and also serves as a teaching area for visitors touring the building.

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The English speaking tours take place on an hourly basis and last for approximately fifty minutes. So, the arch represents folk music on the left and classical music on the right, both united at the top of the arch.

Small coloured ceramic tile painstakingly arranged in mosaics designs called "Trencadis".

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Contrary to typical souvenir shop offerings, this is a good place to buy gifts for your friends or maybe just a treat for yourself. The muse to the right of the Catalan coat of arms is the only one that depicts on her dress the coat of arms of Austria and double-headed eagle of the Spanish Habsburgs dynasty.

This is the only area of the building that can be entered free of charge, so it's worth taking a look inside if you can't afford any of the tickets. With views of the open-air Palau Square, this could be a good option for a romantic night out.

Built init does not contain the ornate glamour of the main concert hall.

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It is in the more modern side of the building. If the guided tours are full up and you're still feeling curious, for the price of a mere cup of coffee you can enjoy the stunning Foyer area.

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As Benton58 has pointed out, "To eyes unaccustomed to the architecture of Barcelona, the impression of a riot of ornament lacking any logic or control seems overwhelming. It is difficult to get a sense of the building's lay-out without stepping inside to find out more.

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The underside of the staircases is covered with tiles that form gleaming canopies on either side of the vestibule. Each of the women is playing a different musical instrument, and each is wearing a different skirt, blouse, and headdress of elaborate design.

Palau de La Musica's stunningly beautiful stained glass windows will leave you feeling in awe. See below for opening times.

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It has a seating capacity of people and is equipped with variable acoustics for different types of music and spoken word. The walls on two sides consist primarily of stained-glass panes set in magnificent arches, and overhead is an enormous skylight of stained glass designed by Antoni Rigalt whose centerpiece is an inverted dome in shades of gold surrounded by blue that suggests the sun and the sky.

On the left is the Mercat de Santa Caterina - a food market with a distinctive roof and some specialist food stalls.

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Remodeling and extension[ edit ] Between and parts of the building were restored to their original state, technically upgraded and expanded to allow additional uses. It is like being inside a giant Faberge Egg. The Petit Palau is a smaller space - seats, with a more modern feel.

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It pays strict attention to function and makes full use of the most up-to-date materials and technologies available at the beginning of the 20th century e. This is the site of a well-run and tasteful cafeteria area. Former ticket box, in an entrance pillar.