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After the completion of the Spanish language course, all the students were moved to the different campuses of ELAM situated in other provinces, where these students are studying with other students from 50 countries and will receive an MD degree after completion of their 6 years medical studies, that includes one year of internship at affiliated hospitals.

Reports of the size of this offer varied in the US press: It consists of 28 buildings with 80 classrooms37 laboratoriesfive amphitheatersdormitoriesescuchar musica latinoamericana online dating infirmaryand other facilities.

In support of this plan, ELAM was opened in March and started its full medical program in September with approximately 1, student in its initial classes.

ELAM's pedagogical philosophy centers on intensive tutoring and advising. Age not exceeding 25 years at the time of enrollment. The diet in the cafeteria mainly consists of rice, beans, and bread, with the main course varied from ground soy, rice mixed with shredded chicken or pork referred to as arroz con suerte, ham, liver, to chicken or pork.

Upon arriving in the mostly rural aussie dating free, the Cuban doctors discovered that many people suffered chronic, long-term illnesses.

The first batch of Pakistani students has been graduated and returned to Pakistan and the second batch of more than students is expected to graduate in February ELAM is one of the primary subjects.

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In all more than 11, people died in the resulting floods and mudslides. It is fully accredited by the Medical Board of California, which has the strictest US standards — which means that qualified US graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine are eligible to apply for residency placements in any state of the US.

In Decemberapproximately 3, students were reportedly housed on the campus. The first batch of approximately students arrived Cuba in February and the second batch joined them the following year.

The medical program begins every September and is divided into 12 semesters. Representative Bennie Thompson D - Miss.

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The pre-medical program includes courses in health scienceschemistrybiologymathphysics as well as a week intensive course in the Spanish language. Mission[ edit ] The mission of ELAM is to make competent and cooperative doctors with the degree of MD doctor of medicinethe same degree which is offered to medical graduates all over the Americas.

Instead of broken bones, they were treating river blindness and stunted growth. It is preferred that ELAM students come from the poorest communities with the intent of returning to practice in those areas in their countries. Students study at the ELAM campus for the first two years before completing their studies at one of Cuba's 21 other medical schools, including a one-year rotating internship.

The Cuban medical training model emphasizes primary healthcare, community medicine and hands-on internship experiences. In the international response to the Kashmir earthquake many countries, international organizations and non-governmental organizations offered relief aid to the affected regions.

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The campus facilities were designed to support approximately 3, students with those beyond the second year of the medical program being based at other medical schools around Cuba. The scholarship also does not include travel to and from Cuba.

The project was handed over to Higher Education Commission of Pakistanwhich selected the students from all over the country. At a September speech event at Riverside ChurchNew York CityCastro publicly announced a further expanded offer which was reported as allowing several hundred places at ELAM for medical students from low-income communities from any part of the USA.

The application process has been designed especially for young people from economically disadvantaged families who meet the following requirements: Students are required to pass examinations at appropriate points during their course of study.

In places like the Mosquito Coast of Honduras, the Cubans were the first doctors the patients had ever seen. Later that same June, in a Washington, D. The application is processed through the accredited Cuban diplomatic missions in the student's home country.

The scholarship does not include travel expenses to and from school which is not necessary in the first three out of six years as all classes during those years are walking distance from the dorms.

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Be physically and mentally fit to pursue medical studies. Cuba offered scholarships in medicine for Pakistani students.

Five photos 3cmx3cm International Relations ; six photos 2cmx2cm Registrars Office Documents for registration required for filing at the Registrars Office To be considered for the US scholarship program, applicants must be US citizens with a US passportbetween the ages of 18 and 25, with proficiency in college-level sciences, and a commitment to practice medicine in low-income and medically underserved communities in the US after graduation.

It is necessary to contact the Cuban Embassy or Cuban Interests Section to request accurate information. All courses are taught in Spanish. The US dorm is two stories, students sleep on bunk beds in rooms of five to twenty if the rooms are filled to capacity.

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In accordance with the ELAM's rules, the students received a one-year language course in Spanish which included a premedical certificate. They also provide uniforms, and monthly supplies, as well as a modest allowance each month. All meals and housing are provided by the school.