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Click on the selected job and check it's distance remember that traveling with a boat or a train doesn't count.

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Eurotunnel is marked with an icon. You can even search in the "quick order" for a delivery from Poznan to Poznan such orders can be found as well. While riding those km you can damage your vehicle, cargo and be fined, but you can't be late with delivery.

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All you need to do is deliver normal cargo until the achievement unlocks. Successfully docked Successfully docked " Use all ports in the game counts sea and train ports To unlock this achievement you must use all ports in the game.

The trucks must be owned by you and the jobs must be done by the "job market".

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Aspects of professionalism Aspects of professionalism " Have at least 10 female and 10 male employees of maximum level in your company" One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. The rest of the changes is relatively limited and non-critical, these are only very local "diffs" implemented on top of the previous stable 1.

If you don't have enough money, you can always move your headquarter to Budapest - there are only 2 garages available to buy in Hungary.

It is allowed to take deliveries to the same city from which you have taken it.

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You won't find such cargo in the "quick order". My precious My precious "Design and apply to your truck a custom multi-color metallic paint" To gain this achievement you must go the car repair shop, then select the paint shop category and select a "custom color metallic paint" and set it as you want.

You definitely should write what cargo have you already delivered. Head hunter Head hunter "Discover all recruitment agencies" To unlock this achievement, you must simply find all recruitment agencies available in Europe.

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If you are playing the game with mods, it is always a good idea to make backups of your profile folder structure to safeguard older save game files, and be aware of means to revert back to earlier version if you deem it desirable.

Zzzz Zzzzz "Use a rest stop" To be awarded with this achievement you must wait until your driver is tired. The higher the level of your drivers, the easier it is to gain this achievement. Control your distance and take caution of how long is the ferry. Then select the "map" option and search for your main headquarters, which has a slightly different icon.

Test drive limited Test drive limited "Drive at least km during jobs with each truck brand featured in the game.

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From the comfort of your home From the comfort of your home "Buy a truck online" To complete this achievement you must own at least five trucks in your company to unlock ability to buy trucks online and you must have at least one empty slot in any of your garages.

You can check it in the driver manager. Job is only worth it if it's done well! Testing all this mix of changes and additions is a complex procedure, please have patience with us!


You will need to hunt for it - and if it appears on the other side of the man, use the quick travel. What is worth mentioning, the distance and how much will you earn doesn't matter.

Choose it and select "quick travel". This is actually very easy on Steam - we are using the system of Steam betas for keeping older releases of the game accessible.

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It can be a "quick order" or a cargo taken from the "consignment". You can't use the autoparking, damage the cargo or be late. The truck you used for the job can be sold after completing the task.

The central feature new to this game update is the introduction of Steam Achievements, as described in our earlier blog post.

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A lot of game and engine code has been changed, and 1. It took a longer than anticipated testing process to produce the Steam Achivements Update a.

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All is possible All is possible " Take and complete jobs with at least 30 different cargo" To unlock this achievement you must complete 30 jobs with different cargo. National company National company " Own a garage in every city in your headquarter country" There is not much to say about this achievement.

Another thing you must be vary of is time - you can't be late.

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You can check the productivity of your garages in the garage manager. If those requirements are met, go to the "short deliveries" or "consignment" tab and search for a delivery with three red lines.

There are two places in the game where you can do it: You can damage the cargo. Go back to the menu, select the company manager and then choose the garage manager. It can be a "quick order". It can be "quick order" or "consignment". There are six locations in the game where you can use a boat: You will need the "long distance" skill at level six and other skills developed as well for a job like that to even appear.