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I put more money in my funds than almost all my peers, I have the largest team of talented people with whom I share economics, five offices with massive infrastructure and overheads, and a very stable, solid firm- Sameer Sain, co-founder, Everstone Capital Such commitment is seen as a stamp of faith in the asset management industry and goes down very well with limited partners LPsor the investors in a fund.

We probably flirt you smell good as much if not more capability than most real estate developers in India. Crystal Crop is engaged in the business of pesticide formulations, besides agri-equipment such as spray pumps. Buying a business in the US and bringing the back-end to India is as exciting for us as buying a business in India and then exporting its goods or services to the US.

So the developer has to make money, the fund manager has to make money and then the investor eventually gets the remainder.

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We have formed an equal joint venture with Deepak Shahdadpuri, who we believe is the number one consumer venture capital investor, not just in India but also in South-East Asia.

They are among the earliest investors in companies like Oyo, Mswipe, Veeba and Indialends. Bad bets are part of the game but seeing Sain being candid about them is unusual in the world of PE. All mostly science and execution, which is why we can own this business but still have an amazing CEO in Raj Varman.

Sain then starts giving us an overview of exit plans and the time frame for that. Atul and I are everstone capital partners ii ltd liquidating residents of Singapore.

We bought Modern Bread from Unilever.

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After giving us a clear road map on where each of these businesses is headed, Sain talks about what worries him the most: A broken relationship is now a thing of the past. Since then, Sain has more than proved his fundraising prowess. Everstone Capital has invested Rs crore in contract research and drug delivery company Rubicon Research, the latest investment by the mid-market private equity firm, as it steps up its deal making pace, and continues to diversify its portfolio.

Earlier this month, ET reported that veteran value investor Shivanand Mankekar was also believed to be part of the investor consortium in the new round. The early-stage fund is now about to sell stake in three companies at huge markups. Many years later, the brand is called Faces Canada, but India is its largest market.

Take Sula, for example.

Everstone Capital Partners III Closes on $730M Hard Cap

Look at this 3 million sq. The promoter and creator of this business, Zorawar Kalra, is a passionate genius. We have some fantastic businesses in there, some real winners, including businesses such as IndoStar Capital, Hinduja Leyland Finance, S.

We had to reinvent Noodle Bar. PE, real estate, credit and consumer venture. The rest comes from real estate and SME small and medium enterprise lending. It came with 60, distribution points. The first fund was in partnership with Future Group and called Indivision. So, in a very amicable way, we parted ways.

In January, it was reported that the Singapore and India-based firm had invested in Mumbai-based pharmacy delivery services firm Dial Healthfor a controlling stake.

Devaiah, a partner and general counsel, leads a team of lawyers to ensure that the firm is well protected and functions smoothly. There was a time we could have sold that business for three-four times our investment but in my view we took a bet on the wrong people, besides the cycle was bad for all EPC engineering, procurement and construction companies.

Deepak runs DSG Consumer Partners with total independence but he has the entire Everstone ecosystem and platform at his disposal. The additional investment will increase its development pipeline from around 20 million sq.

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Everstone has four lines of business today: Our real asset always remains our talent. Promoted by Aggarwal and headquartered in Delhi, Ozone is a leading supplier of high-end architectural fittings and urban street infrastructure.

At the other end of the spectrum, P. For example, we wanted to ensure that in a company like Centrum Capitalwe had strong leadership and management.

The largest office is Mumbai where we have about people. But Deepak has five offices, a lot of talent, full infrastructure, total support so he can do what he does best—make great investments and nurture his young companies.

What also helps them achieve such goals is that their capital is flexible. Ozone has the right product mix, leadership and business model, and it is well-positioned to become the market leader in this space.

The relationship, however, did not last long. Billimoria, a civil engineering construction company, and Interarch, a provider of pre-engineered building PEB construction services.

We knew nothing about mall development and learnt it the hard way after we inherited the business.

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Inthe two partners set up two businesses—one was an asset management business, dealing in PE and real estate; the second was a financial services business.

As an example, Rajesh Jaggi is not only my partner but also the best real estate investor and developer in India. Rubicon Research, which counts pharmaceutical majors, such as Pfizer, Novartis and Solvay, amongst its clientele, will use the proceeds to add product lines and strengthen manufacturing capabilities.

In such cases, our role changes to a minority investor who provides capital and business discipline. Ironically, we shut London eight years ago and physically moved to Asia.

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We started in a small office in London where Atul and I were based. The shopping mall business was started by Future Group originally but post the separation, this business came to Everstone.

Over time we will sell our stake and we want to leave the businesses stable and in good hands. Copper Chimney is still an institution.

And these are not mere words.