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I ran an experiment with a few of my IN tubes, trying to see, if I could reproduce the blue dot.

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Only they have a Forward Barrier Junction Voltage to overcome. Once the nixie strikes the voltage, from anode to cathode, drops to its sustain value. Then the second stage futher divides it by 10, to get a 1Hz output. Electrode saver cap, neon electrode fix cap, electrode brass cap, brass electrode cover, electrode fixer.

So again, I rigged a test circuit, very similar to the blue dot circuit, but with a transistor buffer, to present a lower impedance, which would be simulate a zener diode: The blue dot could be created at will.

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The line frequency from your household AC power, historically, has inqueling online dating kept accurate, so that old motor driven clocks maintained proper time.

Neon ballast, neon balast, neon power supply, beer sign power supply. The purple section, converts the AC half wave, from one of those taps, to a clean square wave pulse. During daylight hour, the power frequency lags, due to the heavy demand. Mount Vernon sign neon power supply, GHN neon sign power supply, fallon neon sign power supply.

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Structure[ edit ] A capacitive power supply comprises a capacitorC1, that with its reactance limits the current flowing through the rectifier bridge D1. MC Based Nixie power supply: Click on schematic to enlarge: If this resistor were missing, the nixie would still like to drag the V supply down its sustain level.

R2, R3, and C2 suppress noise spikes from creating extra, unwanted pulses.

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The other half, monitors the voltage, and inhibits pulse generation, when the desired voltage is reached. See formulas on drawing. Over 40V, the results where quite acceptable.

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Since its small, and uses much less current, there should be no blue dot issue. Here its done using an AND gate made simply from two diodes, and a resistor.

The power company, to compensate, speeds up the generators, during the wee hours of the early morning, to catch up. Neon clock transformer, neon clock power supply, neon clock ballast neon clock balast.

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Neon insulators, neon rubber boot. Voltage is relatively unimportant, just as long as its high enough to initiate conduction.

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It makes a narrow current channel to the anode, and the off cathodes may be acting as beam forming plates, as in beam power tubes, like the 6L6. This circuit can deliver close to 45mA V outwith 12V in. Swinging up, turning ON Q1, then Q2 is out of the picture.

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Below 30V, and especially below 20V, the other cathodes started to glow orange, and it was harder to see, which was the desired numeral to be on. That means the current thru R11 is also a sinewave, which is the same as the collector current almost the same, but close enough for government work.

I will replace any bad unit with another one but the returned one must be bad and it must be complete no cut cords, cut ground plugs etc.

A nixie is not a reactive component.

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When voltage is applied, it takes some time for the nixie gas in the tube to form an ionized plasmaand conduct current. So supplies of V or somewhat higher up to V are commonly used. No other drive components needed. I varied the voltage from 10 to 75V, and observed the glow.

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These have a manufacturers warranty. The second section is a phase shift oscillator made around Q2, a common PNP transistor. To protect against voltage spikes during switching operations, there is a resistorR1, connected in series with it.

This is a minimum value, to ensure striking.