Selmer 2nd hand clarinet Selmer 2nd hand clarinet

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Saxes do have a tendency to play sharper the higher you go but you describe the problem as being pretty extreme.

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All pads and corks are new. The pads are mainly white leather, in very good condition, with some cork pads on the evette schaeffer serial number dating joint. She would like to know: I found it very useful. Small movements of the mouthpiece effect the pitch on the high end much more than the bottom of the sax.

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Your serial number is incomplete. The snap pads were an attempt to make emergency repairs easier. It's still in good shape and sounds great. If you are close enough to San Francisco I would be happy to check it out for you.

It's so far off I can't pull it in with my embouchure. The Yamaha Custom line has been created to compete with Selmer.

Buffet Crampon Alto Sax Serial Number 1

Student models have to be priced at a linx dating los angeles level. Saxes are also dependent on the player to play them in tune which requires a lot of listening.

There is the shooting stars on the bell. I cannot get upper register to play on my right hand bottom section of the hornthe left hand is fine, any suggestions?

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The Conn serial number is confusing to me. It has a silver body with Carl Fischer National Deluxe on the bell. More than the sax is worth.

Lee's Sax Worx - Ask a Repair Question

It is obviously an older sax, but I'm not sure of anything else about it. Some have had success with placing the case open in the direct sun without the sax. This was a very good time for Bundys.

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I was told that Yamaha had a neck problem with one of the earlier versions of the Custom but have never experienced this myself. I hope you are enjoying your new Selmer.

For the older Winchester Models, it can also be used to determine the exact day, month, and year of manufacture, as well as the specific original factory as built configuration e.

Manufacture dates don't seem to exist anymore. All pieces are matching and original. I have a Vito Bass Clarinet.

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A good repairman could certainly help determine if its the player or the instrument. This clarinet has just had an overhaul in fish skin pads and is sold with our full 1 Year Clarinets Direct warranty.

You rarely can remove one pad, snap in a new one and away you go. My best suggestion for you is to try your local John Deere dealer and by giving them a full description of your tractor they can easily tell you what year your tractor was made.

Vintage Buffet Clarinet

Some of these instruments were also made in Mexico and you will see Mexico stamped on the back by the serial number.

They were not produced much past However, the reason I really bought the horn is because I needed a classical horn and I know that it is an amazing classical horn because even with that wedge it sounds deep and very dark. This would help make the tone a little more brilliant. Subsequently it has been adapted to feature a modern type speaker key.

The Clarinet BBoard

It is badly tarnished When was it made? That given, if the pads are truly covering properly the only other possibilities are the octave is not adjusted properly or the right hand keys are not venting properly not open enough.

Get a set of pads and see what you can do. They are now part of "The Music Group". I hope it plays well and someone is enjoying it.

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MUST I send it to the repairmen they are not experts either, since they don't know about snap-in pads The shooting stars indicates a student model. I can't tell by the serial number what era this is that you have.

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I tried finding the answer but with the company out of business, I hit a dead end. It has a serial number under the thumb guard is C I recently purchased an old Martin sax. More attention is paid to intonation. I would guess it is a lacquered body with nickel plated keys.

Demo of Vintage Italian-made 'Evette' Tenor Sax -

The Silver plate throughout is in excellent condition with no wear. Is that a stupid thing to do? You don't want oil on the pad or in the octave hole itself, just the mechanism!

The E11 C is Buffet's semi-professional model, and this example has matching serial nos. There should be a leather pad on the body octave key. I have had this instrument checked for leaks as well as doing it myself.

It is usually engraved into valve casing either horizontally or vertically.