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Share this article Share However, his mother brushes over this, telling him: Man of the house, Ron says his wife will do anything to not spend a dollar 'I clean with bleach or vinegar. She refused to comply and was not selected for the show.

She loves to figure out how to spend less money and takes on the challenge of finding great deals and cheaper options every day. Because I do not need more. I own four dresses and probably 15 tops.

Let me know if you watched the show below — and your thoughts on it, of course! Most of the people in the show are not nearly as exaggeratedly cheap as they tried to let on.

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For example, her home does not have internet or cable, an outside well provides water and everything is powered by electricity so there is no gas or propane bill. They will go to crazy levels to save a dollar, even if it means disturbing family or guests, or living a low quality of life.

At the very least I would demand that All the Frugal Ladies be mentioned in the show for the sake of exposure.

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He digs through movie theater trash cans looking for old drink cups and popcorn canisters so he can take advantage of free refills and he hangs up his dental floss to dry so he dating foods after opening coconut reuse it later.

All three are black pants that can be worn with anything' On the food front, they go grocery shopping once a month, stocking on bulk goods, and eating out occurs once-a-month with a trip to McDonald's.

Mrs Rose Gravitt proudly describes herself as a 'hillbilly cheapskate' Cutting back: The amount of money used to drive around for hours picking up ketchup packets. Is that even physically possible? I can get by with that.

I have no idea. Ronnie is the frugal Latina of the group.

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Take Terence Candell, a California man so cheap that he keeps no furniture in his Oakland home and painted his entire house on a single bucket of paint.

Share tweet About Ronnie E. The family also share the same bath water - here nine-year-old Ronnie is seen taking a plunge in the rather brown-looking tub after his mother and father In July she details how she managed to cut hundreds of dollars from her household expenses.

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Or how about Roy Haynes, who runs a pet rescue center in Huntington, Vt.? There are ways you can cut out a huge chunk of your monthly bill here if you try' 'Okay, don't freak but I own just three pairs of pants,' she writes.

I Count Every Penny | Extreme Cheapskates

Producers tell them what to do Yes. He also steals plastic silverware and condiments from restaurants. Hailing from the beautiful Andes Mountains in Bolivia, she lives and breathes frugality. It hurt to spend the money on myself.

It took a week. She also saves two bucks a month in water bills by urinating in a bottle and then emptying it in her garden.

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Does a strand of hair have the necessary strength to be used that way? It sounds like one of those invented situations by producers.

Producers tell them what to do

And shoes, well I own two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots. Give me a break. On a normal day they make pancakes, breakfast burritos or cereal for breakfast, sandwich or soup for lunch and a cooked meal for supper.

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There are ways you can cut out a huge chunk of your monthly bill here if you try. Then there's Kay is a New York City resident who manages to save half of her salary in one of America's most expensive cities by refusing to buy toilet paper and by dumpster diving for food behind the city's finer dining establishments.

People like Greg Insco, a Zumba instructor in Cincinnati who washes his clothes when he takes a shower, leaves the tags on his clothes and only flushes his toilet once per week using shower water he's saved in a bucket.

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He is so cheap that on the rare occasion he takes his family out to a restaurant, he opts for a budget Chinese buffet and has six people split three plates of food.

BrokeRichGirla fellow frugality blogger, was one of the people contacted by TLC to be on the show. What was in it for most of the participants, then?

Extreme Cheapskate

I highly, highly doubt it. But then, in the background, you can clearly see an entire wall of blu ray discs. However, it does place frugal people like myself in a horrible light and it equates our frugal way of life with one of extreme cheapness. Sick of not spending: