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Pound carried copies of A Lume Spento to distribute when he moved to London later that year; the book convinced Elkin Mathews, a London bookseller and publisher, to bring out Pound's next works: Imagisme, Pound would write in Riposte, is "concerned solely with language and presentation".

By the time Pound left London for Paris in December,he had already accomplished enough to assure himself a dwts dating or showmance of first importance in twentieth-century literature.

Personae by Ezra Pound

Several works of primary scholarship have been released, including several letter collections that trace both Pound's career and the evolution of his poetic achievements. In remarks first recorded in the March, Poetry and later collected in his Literary Essays as "A Retrospect," Pound explained his new literary direction.

He had written to Joyce in"I have begun an endless poem, of no known category In a review for Hound and Horn, reprinted in The Critical Heritage, Dudley Fitts called the Cantos "without any doubt, the most ambitious poetic conception of our day.

He feared he was wasting his time writing outside poetry, [76] exclaiming that he "must stop writing so much prose". Through Olivia Shakespear he was introduced to her former lover W. By the end of April he was in Veniceliving over a bakery near the San Vio bridge. They stayed there for 10 weeks, reading and writing, walking in the woods and fencing.

The men became close friends, although Yeats was older by 20 years.

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Elizabeth's inPound returned to Italy, where he lived quietly for the rest of his life. In the years since his death, scholarly examination of his works have continued unabated. Eliot had sent "Prufrock" to almost every editor in England, but was rejected.

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Fenollosa had studied Chinese poetry under Japanese scholars; in his widow, Mary McNeil Fenollosa, decided to give his unpublished notes to Pound after seeing his work; she was looking for someone who cared about poetry rather than philology.

Her parents eventually consented, perhaps out of fear that she was getting older with no other suitor in sight. Yet his most ambitious work, the Cantos, was scarcely begun.

Pound's concession to marry in church la hook up spots in san francisco convince them.

His first major critical work, The Spirit of Romance, was, Pound said, an attempt to examine "certain forces, elements or qualities which were potent in the medieval literature of the Latin tongues, and are, I believe, still potent in our own.

Personae of Ezra Pound

Harriet Monroe, editor of Poetry, published a letter from a professor of Latin, W. Pound often followed the translations made by Herbert Giles in his History of Chinese Literature [62] and used Fenollosa's work as a starting point for what he called the ideogrammic methodwhich proceeded on Fenellosa's entirely mistaken but fruitful idea that each character represented an image or pictograph, based on sight rather than sound.

The 'magic moment' or moment of metamorphosis, bust thru from quotidien into 'divine or permanent world. Reviews of these books were generally favorable, as notices collected in The Critical Heritage reveal: Pound was fascinated by the translations of Japanese poetry and Noh plays which he discovered in the papers of Ernest Fenollosaan American professor who had taught in Japan.

By the s, Pound was writing about banking and economic systems, and incorporating into the Cantos his own ideas about usury, which he identified as an exploitative economic system.

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Through the letters, notes Rockwell Gray in the Chicago Tribune, "Pound reminds us how much language shares with music Flint wrote in a May, l review in the New Age, "we can have no doubt as to his vitality and as to his determination to burst his way into Parnassus. Eliot noted, "It is necessary to read Pound's poetry to understand his criticism, and to read his criticism to understand his poetry.

Such themes—along with Pound's tiresome crusade against usury and modern capitalism—bedeviled his gifted mind. He would wear trousers made of green billiard cloth, a pink coat, a blue shirt, a tie hand-painted by a Japanese friend, an immense sombrero, a flaming beard cut to a point, and a single, large blue earring.

Neither can anyone learn English, one can only learn a series of Englishes. Reestablishing a poetic tradition traced from Homer's Odyssey and Dante's Divine Comedy, the Cantos are a modern epic. I am homesick after mine own kind, Oh I know that there are folk about me, friendly faces, But I am homesick after mine own kind.

Yet this poem also suffered at the hands of readers who misunderstood the author's intent. To these models, Pound added the teachings of Confucius, historical material, and information from his immediate experience.

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Partially collected in as Ezra Pound and James Laughlin: Alexander noted, "If the Cantos are not cast consistently in the form of a voyage of discovery, they are conducted in the spirit of such a venture, and continents or islands of knowledge, like Enlightenment America or Siena, or corners of Renaissance Italy, or China as seen via Confucianism, are explored and reported on.

He stayed in the hospital until when Robert Frost led a successful effort to free the poet.

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Propertius represents the character of a Roman writer responding to his age; Mauberley, the character of a contemporary British critic-poet.

Army and kept imprisoned in a small, outdoor wire cage at a compound near Pisa, Italy.

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In The Spirit of RomancePound had earlier interpreted the Divine Comedy both as a literal description of Dante's imagining a journey "through the realms inhabited by the spirits of the men after death" and as the journey of "Dante's intelligence through the states of mind wherein dwell all sorts and conditions of men before death.

Poets should "go in fear of abstractions", and should not re-tell in mediocre verse what has already been told in good prose.

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Christine Froula in A Guide to Ezra Pound's Selected Poems suggested that Pound's poem, "in its inclusion of fragments of many cultures and many languages, its multiple historical lines, its anthropological perspectives, remains a powerfully and often movingly expressive image of the modern world.

The volume of writing exhausted him. When he included this in his next poetry collection inhe had renamed it Homage to Sextus Propertius in response to criticism of his translation skills. I paint my man as I conceive him," explaining that "the sort of thing I do" is "the short so-called dramatic lyric.

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The scene also serves as an analogy to the poet's exploration of the literature from the past in hopes of retrieving information that may be significant in his own time.

Eliot declared that Pound "is more responsible for the twentieth-century revolution in poetry than is any other individual. You can't go round this sort of thing. He loans them money. These goals, personal and public, are present throughout the poem; they also sustained the poet throughout his life.

Eliot and Robert Frost. Montgomeryvisited the architects' offices almost every day to shout at them. Pound took the opportunity to extend the definition of Imagisme to art, naming it Vorticism: Yao does not view Pound's lack of Chinese as an obstacle, and states that the poet's trawl through centuries of scholarly interpretations resulted in a genuine understanding of the original poem.

Personae & exultations of Ezra Pound.

He forced upon our attention not only individual authors, but whole areas of poetry, which no future criticism can afford to ignore. Upset at Lowell, he began to call Imagisme "Amygism", and in July he declared the movement dead and asked that the group not continue to call themselves Imagists.

He affects obscurity and loves the abstruse. Glad to be free of the place, he left for Europe soon after, sailing from New York in March The student, James Laughlincame to visit the poet in Rapallo, sparking a correspondence that would span the remainder of the poet's life and Laughlin's own rise to founder of New Directions Press, Pound's U.

In he persuaded Poetry to publish T.

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He told a friend in August: Eliot and Ezra Pound, it was Pound alone who provided in Hugh Kenner's words "the synergetic presence" to convert individual experiment into an international movement. But that's not the way to make a work of art. At night floodlights lit his prison.