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From nearby, Gajeel agrees to go intercept one of the other Dragons. Characters in Order of Appearance. Cobra comes to the aid of Blue Pegasus Across town, Sabertooth begin to rethink their strategy in taking down the horned Dragon.

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As the seven Dragon Slayers around Crocus begin their counter-attack against the Dragons with the help of those from Fiore's guilds, Lucy and her friends at Mercurius are confronted by Zirconiswho reveals that he has the ability to strip people of their dignity—literally stripping them stark naked.

Also fighting for their guild is Blue Pegasuswho note that they do not have a Dragon Slayer in their ranks. Before she can however, Zirconis decides to take everyone out at once and unleashes a breath attack on the group.

Lucy shrieks in horror and tries to cover her nakedness, blushing and distraught from the awful humiliation. As Hibiki and some other members of Blue Pegasus recognize the Poison Dragon Slayer, Lahar and Doranbolt watch from the other side of town, still slightly shocked that they heeded Jellal 's words and set the criminal free.

When he reveals that his Magic is one that strips people of their dignity, Wendy suddenly steps forward, a confident look on her face as she states that the Magic she wields will crush him.

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As those now stark naked run in fear and embarrassment, Zirconis comments that he'd much rather be left with the ladies instead, and, seeing Lucy's disgusted reaction, sends his Magic in her direction, removing her clothes too.

Zirconis' Magic Meanwhile, at Mercurius, Lucy and her friends are approached by Zirconis, who begins to wonder which one of them he should eat first. When Doranbolt wonders if their jobs will be at risk for such an act, Lahar tells him to forget that and just focus on saving the future so that they even have jobs to worry about.

With Natsu stating that he will do everything in his power to stop them, Future Rogue then orders his Dragon to launch an attack on those below, Motherglare releasing a flurry of eggs from his belly which hatch open into smaller reptile-like creatures when they land.

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The Dragon however merely laughs, revealing that he does not have a nose. As they duck and dive to dodge the blow, they realize that those hit have not been injured, rather their clothes have been completely stripped away.

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As those of Fairy Tail confronted by the creatures begin to panic, Laxus steps forward and attacks Atlas Flamewho receives damage from the blow.

As Laxus states that he will confront Atlas whilst the others take out the smaller creatures, the Thunder God Tribe regroup, vowing to watch his back. Stating that they do not need one, Ichiya tries to launch a stronger attack, releasing -much to everyone's distraught- a perfume taken directly from his armpits.

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Demanding that Rogue leave the beast to him and find another, Sting begins a much more powerful assault, whilst Rogue vows to leave the old Sabertooth behind and fight for his friends. As the Dragon ponders, Carla encourages Wendy to listen to Natsu and unleash her true power as a Dragon Slayer and take the Zirconis out.

His powers surprise Wendywho, with the encouragement of the others, vows to take him down.

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As the monster moves to attack, Cobra suddenly launches a brutal blow from above, crushing the beast into the ground.