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Although Bruce himself is generally limited to occasional appearances, his voice is lent to a number of anthropomorphic creatures including a large bee, the shark in a parody of Jawsa Xenomorph from a parody of Aliensa Tetris block, and a giant mutant rat.

He also interrupts the customary musical number in "Road to He is not-so-secretly in love with Lois and is an unsuccessful, unemployed writer.

Biscuit — Brian's deceased mother who appears in a flashback of " Road to Rhode Island ". He speaks with a strong Spanish accent and is described as an "effeminate weirdo" by his employees.

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Monster dna headphones review uk dating makes a cameo crowd appearance when Peter proposes reinstating the city government in " Tea Peter ".

Peter names a star after Mort in " Killer Queen ". Unlike Francis, she is generally friendly and personable, and gets along well with Lois.

Carl voiced by H. Upon first meeting her, Stewie develops a crush on the newborn Susie and is seen practicing guitar to write a song about her and later shows Brian a music video he made of the song " Everything I Do I Do It for You " by Bryan Adams.

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In "Ocean's Three and a Half", she finally gives birth to a daughter named Susie. In " Blue Harvest ", he played a Tusken Raider. In "Joe's Revenge", it is revealed that Joe's story about being crippled during a fight with the Grinch was a cover-up.

Bertram's biological father is Peter Griffin.

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He has a high-pitched, very soft effeminate voice and pronounces sibilant consonants with a family guy mort goldman dating video whistle. In " Excellence in Broadcasting ", Tucker was released from prison and mentions on the news that Diane was the killer and is now dead.

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He seems to have been Meg's first crush as well. At the end of the episode a doctor calls Peter on the phone and tells him that Karen needs a blood transfusion to save her but Peter refuses.

In earlier seasons, he was shown to be very much a d free lotion online dating of God especially in " If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin' " in season 2.

Diane Simmons voiced by Lori Alan — The station's former news co-anchor and talk show hostess. Jasper voiced by Seth MacFarlane — Brian's stereotypical flamboyantly homosexual cousin.

Their friendship is based on their mutual interest in movies. Consuela voiced by Mike Henry — A maid who in one cut-away gag is shown as the head of the Maids' Union.

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Saturday Knight " when Mr. She was one of the main characters of The Cleveland Show. In "Joe's Revenge", it is revealed that Susie and Kevin share a room as they get to know family guy mort goldman dating video other.

She has two biological children from a previous marriage with Robert named Roberta and Rallo. Lois is also very flirtatious and has slept with numerous people on the show.

He is shown to be protective of his son and dislikes people's use of the term "freak". In " Dearly Deported ," it is revealed that Consuela has an attractive niece named Isabella who has children of her own.

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She and fellow anchor Tom Tucker often traded insults on the air. Bertram appears again in " The Big Bang Theory ", in which he tries to erase Stewie from the universe by killing Leonardo da Vincione of Stewie's ancestors.

Though he was not given a name until the episode " No Chris Left Behind ", he has appeared in several episodes without being named on-screen; however, he is referred to in commentary tracks prior to that episode as "the Performance Artist".

After he is born, he begins playing at the same park as Stewie, and the two fight over who will rule the playground.

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She is most often seen with her closest friends: He is a paraplegic police officer who suffers from impotence and incontinence. The two became frenemies, and Stewie changes his mind on a new family member.

In later episodes however, she converses normally.


He is surprised that despite her new religious life, she would do such a thing, but she admits that she would do anything to help him.

Bonnie reunites with Joe and they return to Quahog. Opie voiced by Mark Hentemann — A seemingly mentally-challenged and gibberish-speaking co-worker of Peter at the Pawtucket Brewery and ward of the state.

Herbert is often seen wearing a light blue robe and slippers, walks with a walker and frequently makes inappropriate, sexually tinged comments to teenage boys in " Road to the North Pole ", Herbert wants a little drummer boy for Christmas, while staring at a poster of Nick Jonas.

He is also a billionaire industrialist, shipping mogul, and owner of several major companies. In " Road to the Multiverse ", when Brian and Stewie visit a Disney universeMort comes in to greet his neighbors, who beat him up for being Jewish, prompting Stewie and Brian to leave. The baby, a boy, is born in the episode yet never seen again.

The tub always falls into the front yard with Cleveland exclaiming, "What the hell?! Mort bowled a perfect game in the episode " Blind Ambition ".

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She has a nephew named Mikey, who sells light-up yo-yos, and a son named Rodrigo, who is in prison. When Lois anonymously tipped off the board of education about how Peter was helping Meg and her friends on their revenge on the mean students, the board of education intervenes causing them to fire him and reinstate Principal Shepherd after he recovered from his divorce following his sex trip to Thailand.

In " Valentine's Day in Quahog ", it is revealed that Consuela has a husband who is still living in Mexico, and to see him annually on Valentine's Day, she crosses the border illegally into Mexico.

He turned 1 year old in " Chitty Chitty Death Bang ," and has not aged past one year since. Although he first appeared one season after his son Neil, Mort became a major supporting character, especially during the period when Cleveland Brown was absent doing The Cleveland Show — when Cleveland returns to Family Guy, he interrupts the opening title song sequence to take Mort's place in the line-up of male characters on the left side of the stairs.

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In " Brian the Bachelor ", to ensure that Lois could not purchase acne medication to clear up his zit, DougChrisunder Doug's influence, broke into Goldman's Pharmacy and destroyed all the acne medication.

After putting up with Peter passing off as him, Joe tells his father to confront his fears and the two reconcile with Bud having accepted Joe's paraplegic state. Brian was not revealed to be an atheist until season 7.

He sometimes tells Peter to stick his finger in his mouth, only to bite it. As Vice-Principal Brenda McGuire was found dead in her car, the board of education asks for someone to come forward to be the interim principal until a permanent replacement for Principal Shepherd can be found.

Her first appearance was in "Fore Father" where she is seen in a flashback breastfeeding Glenn. Carl is a cinephilehaving an obsession with films and attractive actresses. In " Foreign Affairs ", Bonnie goes to Paris with Lois in the hopes of having an affair after feeling neglected by Joe.

He even comments on it the first time his name is spoken in the series. In " Turkey Guys ", it is revealed that Kevin is dating a little person. In one episode, he is revealed to have been Jack the Ripper in a past life. Peter plans to get Tom back on the track in Hollywood.

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She is an Anglo-American housewife who cares deeply for her kids and her husband, while also working as a piano instructor. As a fact in " Road to Rupert ," he says he is a year old.

Quagmire ended up driving her body down to Stoolbend for her funeral. However, starting with the first episode of The Cleveland Showhe is somewhat older and both obese and somewhat lethargic ; the reason for this sudden weight gain is never explained until the episode Season 4 episode "A Rodent Like This" where Cleveland Jr.

He disliked her and frequently traded insults with her on-air.

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In "Underage Peter," it is revealed that Opie is not disabled, but rather he spoke gibberish due to being constantly under the influence of alcohol.