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Farmall cub belly mower hook up, shop by category

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I broke a few parts, snapped off a few bolts in their holes, got a little frustrated at times, and learned a TON about engines, mechanical work and the absolute ingenuity contained in a combustion gas engine. Here is a series of pictures from the beginning to end of the project: Starting with a complete rust bucket!

Originally I was thinking of restoring an old Chevy pickup, but in the spirit of the decision to leave the service to farm, I shifted gears and picked up a Farmall Cub tractor instead.

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All that being said, I think we can find a spot for the little Cub somewhere on our farm, maybe pulling a hay-ride wagon for an agri-tourism event, pulling a trailer load of firewood out of the woods, or even driving it in parades if there are any in the area.

I wanted to increase my knowledge of all things vehicle-related from squat to superfluous, from insufficient to impressive, from… well, you get the picture! As with all tractors from that era, the mechanics are pretty intuitive, but impressive nonetheless.

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So more than 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to make myself a better man, a more manly man. After finding a local guy who had various Farmall tractors lying all over his property, I brought home this hunk of junk beauty with the intention of restoring it back to like-new condition, while adding to my man repertoire at the same time.

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But mostly, I poured my time and energy into the tractor at night after the kids had gone to bed, and of course on weekends as well. I guess the ultimate point here is that if you identify something in your life that you want to be better at or know more about, sometimes actively pursuing that knowledge and forcing yourself to jump in head-first can be gratifying, enriching and downright fun!

Replacement parts, written guidance and experienced advice are all plentiful for the Cub from a multitude of online sources, since it is one of the most popular tractors to restore; however parts are relatively expensive compared to other tractors for the same reasons.

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In reality, I finished the job just weeks short of his 4th birthday!! If I did sell it, there is no possible way anyone would pay what it has cost me to bring the tractor to this point… but it has absolutely served the purpose I intended for it in the first place.

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