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Even now, when I need something tailored, I go to my mom. Pursue your passion, fashion bomb daily claire sulmers dating dating advice for christian ladies meeting your steps as you go along.

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But it shined a light on a lot of misconceptions of natural hair in our community. Needless to say, Sulmers was honored. Wherever she goes, people follow those golden locs and sing her praises. She has kept journals since she was nine years old, and has a wall of them filled with childhood observations about clothes and shopping plans.

She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and has received shout-outs from celebrities like Sean Combs, Taraji P.

As my website continued to grow and get really great press, I was trying to figure out how I could make a statement.

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Much of her time is now spent traveling and maintaining relationships with celebrities and designers, and she identifies first and foremost as a writer.

I wanted to know more: So, experiment and have fun and see what works for you and what sticks. I saw your golden locks! The Fashion Bomb Daily is now the "web's number one destination for multicultural fashion," covering celebrity style, events and every day looks and news.

It was my first experience with writing about fashion and beauty. Not a local events or top-of-the-hour news beat, but a beat that aligned with the unmistakable ratatat that passion plays. So much in fact, Dark and Lovely deemed Claire Sulmers as one of its spokeswomen to spearhead their LoveMyColor campaign, a call to action for women of color to fully embrace the bold lifestyles they lead.

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I simply had to know if her hair had something to do with her genius. You'll also be able to upload your favorite photograph or selfie to show the entire world how proud you are of your beautiful mane.

InOxygen's Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 of these outstanding women: Who is this woman that wears well crafted clothing and golden locs as radiant as the sun?

Overall, I was looking to reinvent myself.

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The events often feature panels on breaking into the industry and opportunities for folks working in the same business to meet. Your heart, your passion, your spirit is the drum.

After being told, time and again to blend in with the norm, Claire Sulmers followed her own beat to its source, an overrunning wellspring of ideas, bold colors, and moxy: Share your LoveMyColor meme with the world!


Kids can be cruel, but Sulmers took their observations and commentary in stride. I actually started a diversity initiative in my high school. Letters like that touch my heart and make me smile. Everybody was on their feet, everybody felt inspired and empowered.

After that, I got box braids in college, during my freshman and sophomore years. On her staff, Sulmers tries to cultivate the voices of young women of color who want a place in the fashion industry.

One could say that Sulmers, an enthusiast of aesthetic and lover of the written word, was destined to be the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the wildly successful Fashion Bomb Dailythe leader of multicultural fashion and beauty online publications.

Her editorial staff has expanded to ten people.

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Nurture that great self esteem and be bold! I think anybody would go through that Henson, and Kerry Washington. There's even a popular YouTube channel called Fashion Bomb TV where you can find celebrity interviews and behind the scenes footage of parties and shows.

But I was that young kid who would look at Seventeen magazine and ask: Within this campaign, Sulmers and other spokespersons have been given a platform to share their love of colored natural hair and locs with the world.

You May Also Like It was definitely the highlight of the show. Able to think positively about herself and embrace the beauty of her locs, Sulmers continued to defy cultural norms that women across all cultures are still confronted with today.

That beat that fuels innovation, ignites creativity, and drowns out the rebel yelling of stale, yet familiar, doubts. Move boldly in the direction that works for you. I asked the lionized editor about what her life, career, and natural hair journey has taught her about offline communication and the power of influence.

A photo posted by Claire Sulmers clairesulmers on May 7, at 2: I think that in the creative field, you have a little bit more freedom to express yourself.

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My mother learned how to sew from him and I grew up with her making my clothes. Destiny, however seemingly fated, requires action. Crew was the only place I shopped! She had this to say: It always sticks out to me.

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For a long time J. How did she do it?

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She attends wave after wave of events, developing related content with her staff. There were two seconds where I tried to do a perm and it was just a disaster! You inspire me and you inspire my babies. Sulmers was in the audience at the BET Awards when Jesse Williams took the stage and gave his electrifying speech on police brutality and cultural appropriation.