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The bicycles are, however, in a poor general condition, so don't expect them to operate perfectly.

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Some of taxi companies operating in the city: Fast dating szczecin waly chrobrego you call, ask the operator when the taxi will arrive and then look for car plastered with number of company you called. You can take your bike on public transport for free outside rush hours.

By bicycle[ edit ] There is network of bicycle paths connecting the city center with the suburbs. See the museum Muzeum Morskiesituated just in the center of Waly which houses some artifacts from history of the city and also has big collections of African and maritime artifacts.

The red line starts and ends at the train station. Railway[ edit ] If you want to go to or from the city centre station name: By foot[ edit ] City center can be covered by foot depending on your fitness, etc.

Chrobry Embankment

The red line starts and ends at the train station. A lot to take pictures. Nothing out of place. Plenty of coffee shops around especially there is one close to the water. Highly recommended for a short or long stay.

All officially registered taxis have meters, the driver should turn them on just after you enter. We were welcomed by friendly staff I think they were staff who made sure we knew all about the apartment and the surrounding district.

Museum at new old town By car[ edit ] Streets in Szczecin are compared to other Polish cities easy to navigate and not congested. Jacob's Cathedral tower paid admission or from one of the towers of Pomeranian Dukes Castle.

This is by far the best way to discover the centre on foot, as all attractions are marked by a number there are about 40 on the pavement, so you won't miss one.

Owner really friendly and polite. In Nice weather, after a visit to the restaurant, walk around the Shaft it really nice and recommendable uwago form of leisure time. Unfortunately, during the period in which we were there December very windy and it was raining, so it was a short and quick tour.

There is taxi "mafia" operating from stands near railway station, popular clubs, hotels etc.


It is much cheaper to call for one - ask locals for numbers or see taxi advertisements, they are nearly everywhere. Cmentarz Centralny [33] - third biggest cemetery in Europe.

Will definitely visit again. This bizarre State should leave any person who does not know what to do. The place is always spotlessly clean and the people seem even more friendly here.

Old Town - despite being jokingly refered to by locals as "Brand New Old Town" it was started to be rebuilt in late s, the reconstruction is still ongoingthere are some nice houses rebuilt to original plans.

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When you exit through the main entrance, turn left on the sidewalk and look for it, some of the paint may have already vanished.

Fares during the night are slightly more expensive. Go from Old Town in direction of Castle, and you'll see it after about meters on the left side. Museum of Technology Muzeum Techniki [36] - has nice collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, buses and trams. If you are a visitor, I suggest you make this a main point of your sightseeing, get here for lunch time and you will definitely enjoy yourself.

Look for the red line on the pavements - so called "red walk" which connects nearly all the attractions within the centre. Parking within the centre during business hours 8: Staff is friendly and speak english. Close to the start is also a map showing the route and the attractions.

Really good manager who managed to keep his head on the shoulder while faced with disappointed customer Robin, Denmark Spotless and well equipped newly renovated apartment, great location in the old town, close to bars, restaurants and the Pomeranian Dukes Castle.

It does help when there is so little noise from traffic. Ask if in doubt. Many cafes are situated here. Relaxing in the centre of a city, what could be better? The show lasts 30 minutes and starts every summer day at Antonio, Germany Att ha diskmaskin var lyxigt.

Zbigniew, United Kingdom Information about sights and events nearby where provided. It is painted flashy orange, you can't miss it.