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Fendi in flirt slike srca, hologram sticker

Because I'm Taken with you Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Special people dating be the wind and make you even hotter.

Last, the reflection of the copper barrel also quite different. Why does mine start with U? Image of fake Fendi hologram tag: I'd like to BUY you a drink If my heart were to fly, your soul would be my airport.

The signal side also smaller and shorter. Mami you on fire The ground connector also got slightly different model. I use Brasso Metal Polish to polish the barrel.

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But there are some visible clue like shown below. The build quality also not as good as the original one. Many times the hologram tag is the first tell that the bag is fake.

But as you can see, the left barrel has been polished and got brighter and shiny colorbut the Cardas logo remains intact! Meanwhile the fake one got a flat style.

Slike srca

Many authentic Fendi zippers have the Fendi Double "FF" logo on the bottom of the zipper this may be hard to view. Is your dad Liam Neeson?

Because I wanted you to fall for my smile as hard as I fell for you!

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Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Note the [made in italy] stamped on the back of this authentic Fendi magnetic locking mechanism: I'd check my watch but I can't take my eyes off you.

Authentic Fendi buckles are perfectly square. Lets play Firetruck, I run my fingers up your legs and you say red light to stop.

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Can I take you out? If kissing is spreading germs Except if you buy a factory terminated cable. Normally, this kind of fake stuff will use cheap stamping.

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Any loose or cheaply fastened tag should be considered an automatic red flag. Below is two copper barrel of the fake SRCA. Gurl, you remind me of a box of chocolates A little bit difficult to be seen with bare eyes, but quite clear on the photo.

Below is an image of the Fendi logo: Do you work for Domino's?


Aren't we talking about things we cheat on? Below is an image of an FF logo on the zipper pull: An authentic Fendi handbag will not have platic shrink wrap on parts of the bag. An authentic Fendi tag will not simply tear off.

The Teflon shield to separate the ground and the signal also got some gap on the original one.

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All hardware on a Fendi handbag has the designer's name engraved on it. S weet L ittle U nforgetable T hing Boy: Are you from Korea? There are 20 letters in the alphabet right?

Your still missing one Boy: Off course, no logo on the original one as mentioned by the email above.

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Can you see the different? Zoomed version of the copper barrel. Do you wanna be my SLUT? I want to be your handbag so I never leave your side. Often times, after a little wear and tear it will start to peal off. Have you been watching me?

I tried to wipe them seriously, but got no result to erase it.

Fake Cardas SRCA Plugs with Cardas Logo

Cause you're hot and I want s'more You still use Internet Explorer? From the physical side, in general, they are similar. I bought at similar price with common retailer like PCX.

I'll give you the D later Boy: The hologram is attached to the interior fabric tag.

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