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Your favourite television actor and actress? But, Milap is an exception.

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This film has me tearing a tyre and throwing people around laughs! It is important to get the message across that corruption should not be tolerated.

The Story Of Pokhran received acclaim and many appreciated your restrained performance. She is a gem of a person.

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I am an actor. Sanjana was a pure soul. If I were to look at films which earned me respect as a creative person, and also did well at the box office, then it would be Vicky DonorMadras Cafe and Parmanu.

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A cursory look at your filmography reveals that films like Force 2 and Rocky Handsome, which portrayed you in an action avatar, failed to garner numbers at the box office.

Satyameva Jayate addresses a deep-rooted problem like corruption. I wanted to make Gauri interesting. Each film has its own trajectory. All this has been presented within a commercial framework.

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Who are your first and closest friends from the industry and why? Similarly, when a woman feels slighted or disrobed by a man because of the sheer way he looks at her, she would want the character I play in the film to beat that man up.

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She is one crazy, innocently rude, stubborn, impulsive and immature character. The actress has indeed grown in the television industry.

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Talking of women being unsafe in the country, often the way women are portrayed in Hindi cinema is sexist and there is a certain level of chauvinism that is inherent in it.

Deepika from Bajirao Mastani.

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I am perceived to be the guy who can break anything and make it look believable. To whom you are closest on the set of Kaala Teeka?

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Instead, content-driven films like Madras Cafe and Parmanu have given you better box office results Do you have any dream role that you would like to play one day? The film addresses subjects like corruption, crime against women and other glaring issues in our society today. But, if you are asking me if women are objectified in some way or the other in our films, then yes, they are.

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The director of SMJ, Milap Zaveri, is one of those few people remaining in the industry, who thinks with his heart and not his head. Sanjana,she touched my heart. A person cannot be punished forever. The film, directed by Milap Milan Zaveri, also has a social message at its core — to fight corruption.

If I am part of an ensemble cast, it is my duty to share screen space with all of them. So which one is more interesting to play. Your last film Parmanu: The last best film you watched? I treat all actors the same way.

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I think people perceive me as the actor who does films like Madras Cafe and Parmanu. I am huge fan of the actor and I thought if he would react to the film with similar emotion, then we have something going.

I am here to perform! Do you miss being the innocent girl and not a stubborn one? Tanya, my creative But the fact remains that in the past, I have done a film like Dostanatoo. Yes, subconsciously, it is important that my films carry a message.

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There was another important character in the film and when we were wondering whom to approach, the unanimous choice was Manoj Bajpayee. I am an early morning person. I have a lot of pent up anger with regards to these things and the only way of purging those feelings is through cinema.

Karan Patel and Kavita Kaushik. As an actor, do you recognise this and acknowledge it?

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More craziness coming up. However, with Satyameva Jayate, I accepted the film because I loved the script. What can your fans expect from your character in the upcoming episodes? Organically, I reacted as an audience because I was moved by the story.