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According to the map I had consulted on the train, my hostel was only three blocks from the station.

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I ruffled through some pages, then placed it back in my bag. It was too hot to make a decision, so I stood and began down the street. The baby was like an octopus, grabbing for everything in sight.

A simile C onomatopoeia D personification 4. Watching them from my bench, I felt relief that my train travels had ended for now. I tried to acquaint myself with the culture around me.

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A personification C onomatopoeia D hyperbole 8. Despite the heat, people stood closely to one another as they waited fructus latino dating the train.

A simile C personification D hyperbole 2. What type of figurative language is being used in this sentence? It gives readers a clearer visual image of the people and the setting. I read a street sign, named after a historical figure, and walked down the street.

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This comparison of a busy highway to a parking lot, telling readers that cars were caught in stand-still traffic. It tells us that they are very skinny and need to eat.

It gives a cultural influence to the setting. In sentence 4, the dog is being compared to what? I pulled my travel book from the front pouch of my hiking bag.

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A metaphor C onomatopoeia D alliteration 9. The train exited abruptly behind me, leaving a cloud of smoke to sit beside me in the heavy heat. The curtain was waving to everyone every time the wind blew through the open window.

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What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A onomatopoeia C hyperbole D metaphor 7.

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He was a library of information about baseball. Chances are good that you hear cliched similes every day.

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Figurative Language Examples 1. A The heat 3. Lesson Five Part One: One technique is through using similes. Another technique of figurative language is a metaphor. A metaphor is simply a comparison of two unlike things. A onomatopoeia C hyperbole D metaphor 5.

Below are some common examples: A metaphor C personification D hyperbole A simile C hyperbole D metaphor 3.

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What type of figurative language is usede in this sentence? Her head was so full of ideas that it was ready to burst wide open. The last technique we will discuss is personification.

Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop went the rain drops falling on the roof of the house. Leslie said that she was in the dark about what's going on. The rain seemed like an old friend who had finally found us. When I arrived at the station, I was overcome by the noise.

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A simile C personification D hyperbole 6. A simile C metaphor D personification Figurative language is used as a way for words to appear as something other than their literal meaning. When an author uses personification they assign human characteristics to something that is not human.

What does the personification in sentence four suggest?

The tree shook its branches angrily. Why is the simile in sentence 3 important to the passage?


A idiom C personification D metaphor I was so hungry that I even ate the plate. I felt comforted by his natural instincts. It offers important information to the character description of the main character.

That movie took my breath away. My adventure was finally beginning and I was ready for what was to come. I had been planning my trip to Rome for three years, and now that I was here, I more than excited by my dream. My father was the sun and the moon to me. Even animals were keenly aware of the rising temperatures of the season.

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A man with a dog read the station time.