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The quarrel between Ion and his father-in-law begins again. Being forced again to take part in a mility tribunal, to judge a Romanian peasant for espionage, Apostol Bologa starts in the night towards the Romanian lines, to get to his blood brothers.

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He is caught and hanged, in much the same way as the Czech that he had helped condemn. In the end, Ion does not stop his passion for Florica, and in a night the two are caught by Florica's husband who kills Ion.

Suddenly, Ion is ruled by a love for the beautiful Florica, old sympathy, now married. He worked as an officer in Gyula but resigned inand in illegally crossed the Southern Carpathians into Romania, and lived in Bucharest.

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In the Hungarian schools he gets an education contradictory to his Romanian soul. He dishonours Ana, to force the father to give him his daughter and the fortune.

For Ion, Rebreanu received a Romanian Academy award — he became a full member of the institution in Ana understands the cruel reality.

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But the rich man does not want him as his son-in-law. Florica answers to Ion's wild passion.

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Follows his soul metamorphosis, under the influence of the Czech officer Klapka, who seeded in his heart the hatred against the Austrian empire and the love for the Romanian nation.

He fixes his eyes on Ana, rich man Vasile Baciu's, daughter. He hisses the gained land, but beats Ana, now his wife. Rebreanu was incarcerated in Gyula, being freed in August; he returned to Bucharest.

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The action takes place in Pripas village and in the little town Armadia. Beaten by her husband and by her father she hangs herself. The hero of the novel is Apostol Bologa, son of a Romanian lawyer from Transylvania.

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At the request of the Austro-Hungarian government, he was arrested and extradited in He becomes a conscientious Austrian officer, he even contributes by his vote in court at the sentencing to death of a Czech officer, who had deserted the Austro-Hungarian army.

Between and he was chairman of the National Theatre of Bucharestand from to he was President of the Romanian Writers' Society.

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Ion, the master of the lands, is now satisfied. Sent on the Romanian front, in the Eastern Carpathians, the thought of desertation becomes an obsession for him.

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In Rebreanu published his novel Ionthe first modern Romanian novel, in which he depicted the struggles over land ownership in rural Transylvania. He reaches his goal, as Ana really falls in love with him. Their child dies too.