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Boyle stressed that the realism of the arm as well as the process itself were key to the audience's investing in the character's experience, and that the makeup effects' success would impact the film's success.

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Gardner states that the effects work was extremely stressful, as he wanted to do justice to the story; he credits James Franco equally with the success of the effects work.

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127 Hours (Film)

During a subsequent screening, another viewer suffered a panic attack. This allowed Boyle and Franco to work long days without wearing out the crew.

Despite these changes, with which he was initially uncomfortable, Ralston says the rest of the film is "so factually accurate it is as close to a documentary as you can get and still be a drama.

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Franco is never shown uttering even an "Ow"; Ralston wrote that this is accurate. The false arm rigs were created in layers, from fiberglass and steel bone, through silicone and fibrous muscle and tendon, to functional veins and arteries, and finally skinned with a translucent silicone layer of skin with a thin layer of subcutaneous silicone fat.

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So you will never any downloading speed issue. Authenticity[ edit ] The scenes early in the film of Ralston's encounter with the two hikers were altered to portray Ralston showing them a hidden pool, when in reality he just showed them some basic climbing moves.

At the first screening, an audience member became lightheaded and was taken out of the screening on a gurney.