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Aug Ape Wilson Like the food vendors at the state fair, specifically popcorn and cotton candy machines.

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La Fin Du Monde brings stora mattor online dating of these images to mind. I smell metal kettles cooking something while circus tents are being put up. The opening will mislead as after about an hour it dries down to a soft floral,slightly metallic with a pinch of sweetness.

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Jun Snicole82 Do not like this period. The other thing about this fragrance is that I don't find it very wearable in public, because I think it's more feminine smelling even though it only has 2 flower notes in it.

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Not a doom and gloom apocalyptic smell, but rather embodies the REM lyrics "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine". I liked it though. I sprayed it on my t shirt in the evenig and it was lingering in the morning with many notes intact, but on the skin if's just a bang and it's gone.

I'm not sure if I want to wear it It's also intriguing is how light and positive La Fin Du Monde is! Overall a delicious addition to the Etat Libre d'Orange collection.

Longevity is not so great though. The metallic notes get stronger and the scent gets a bit acidic too. The only negative aspect of the fragrance is the lasting power.

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It's a big bang! There's just a sense that this one chemical is everywhere and I'm tired of smelling it. Not the strongest, but nice 'n' tasty. Still, a lovely, if fragile, offering from a house that continues to impress me at every turn.

It's not that this is a bad fragrance or even an unoriginal one. I missed the opening, but what I smelled was a really elegant oriental with a pronounced floral note -- although I didn't recognize it as iris or freesia, maybe the headiness of freesia blended with iris and vetiver? Feb freakypirate Opens very cotton candy-sweet with a metallic undertone.

I usually am not crazy about iris in perfume. Looking at the notes, it's not surprising. Gives a warm sensation, which may be the gunpowder note.

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Try this if you like a bit of excitement and strangeness and can handle metallics! It becomes very quickly something shy and mellow, sugary. I was immediately blasted with the scent of something that I recognized but couldn't figure out.

I don't think I like it for now, but maybe it may grow on me in time.? I applaud that tour de force!

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Feb Eesa I think this scent is a work of art. The gunpowder note is present throughout the majority of the scent but it's so delicate that I would say that this is way more feminine than masculine.

From here, the scent tones down more and more into the drydown. I wish this lasted longer, but I Really love it.

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L'Artisan Parfumeur's Amour Nocturne is very similar! Like a candy store that has sold all its candies. Looked at the notes and realize it's gunpowder, ohhhh yaaa now I remember what was so interesting and why I HAD to test this.

The gunpowder note is actually very approachable, not metallic or gross at all.

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Feb Chicago Tony T This is a soft nutty like aroma. I recommend checking it out if you want something less spicy, mossier, and no popcorn.

Jun rschmidt65 Lately my sniffing habit has left me feeling like a curmudgeon. Loved it both times. Sample bought straight from ELdO.


The iris, popcorn and seedy notes are very prominent throughout, making this a scent which would appeal perhaps more to women than men. Suitable for everybody, young, less young, women, men, and for every occasion as well.

But the powdery scents in this combine to make a magical smelling sweet gunpowder by our powers combined, heh. Sillage and longevity are moderate on me.

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Amour Nocturne's caramel note is combined with very specific rubbery note - some say it is metallic note which is marked in official list as gunpowder.

An explosion of joy with gun shots. Looked at the ingredients and smelled again for the second time: Popcorn, The Human Cannonball, and a heavily perfumed palmreader looking in to a herby teacup.

Salty caramel pop corn in La Fin Popcorn and metal with a mix of gunpowder should never go together! Wacky, weird and wonderful.