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It takes students on a journey into the world of financial markets, from traditional concepts to innovations. Financial Innovation and the Credit Crunch The layout is clear and the style easy to read.

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I suspect it will become the standard text for introductory courses in this area. Given its comprehensive and up to date coverage of the subject area, I have no hesitation in recommending this book.

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Accessible to both students and practitioners, it is a welcome addition to the literature on this subject. The book is written in a lively manner to incorporate real world events into the discussion which should be invaluable to students seeking an up-to-date and lucid understanding of finance and financial markets.

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Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. It explains the major financial assets clearly, outlining their main technical features in an accessible way while leaving a smooth path for more advanced treatment. It presents an outstanding and unique review of the recent credit crunch with valuable insights and considerable details of its finance and financial markets pilbeam online dating and impacts.

Finance and Financial Markets provides an excellent and concise overview of the topic that I have found very useful for finance courses at all levels, including MBA teaching.

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The book not only the single woman ebook the main pillars that define modern finance theory but also goes a step further by discussing the world of financial derivatives, valuation and role in shaping current financial markets.

The new revised edition includes new, very interesting case studies, such as the Libor and the Forex rigging scandals and uses up-to-date data. Lepori, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School, DK 'An excellent intermediate to postgraduate level text, exploring the differences across the main financial centres of the world and utilising innovative examples and real-world tables and figures.

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I liked the format for these end-of-chapter exercises given the growing popularity of multiple choice as a means of assessment and as a way for students to quickly consolidate their understanding of key ideas.

It is written in a clear and accessible style, with plenty of illustrative diagrams and worked examples.

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It is a superb, up-to-date overview of financial markets and instruments. Everton Dockery, University of Portsmouth, UK A must-read, reader-friendly textbook for anyone interested in the world of finance.

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Beginners' appetite for numerical examples and graphical demonstrations will certainly find satisfaction here. This helps to bring alive many difficult financial theories to the non-mathematical financial specialist.

Given its well-proportioned balance between intuitive thinking and analytical rigor, the author's work will also prove to be a precious reference book for more advanced students. Students will benefit by working through the challenging questions at the end of each chapter.

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An added advantage is that the book is generally light on Mathematics Providing a unique combination of rigour, numerical illustrations and real world examples, means that the new edition will undoubtedly maintain its market leadership position.

Regulation of the Financial Sector. Jose Olmo, University of Southampton, UK This excellent 4th edition continues to provide an accessible introduction to the principles of finance and financial markets and applies this knowledge to an array of problems.

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Reviews Editorial reviews Publisher Synopsis 'The third edition of Keith Pilbeam's 'Finance and Financial Markets' will be welcomed by all of us struggling to introduce students to the recent operation and collapse of financial markets.

This text approach offers a readable way to understand the complexities behind the current financial crisis by explaining different financial instruments and its timeline of the world-wide credit crunch. It covers the important financial markets and there is also emphasis on financial innovation and financial regulation in order to explain how the latter impacts financial institutions and markets.

Comprehensive and well exemplified, current trends are introduced, such as Bitcoin and Islamic finance.