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Value of each parameter is a JSON-compliant type such as number, string etc, dictionary or list. Any JSON-compatible data structure optionally containing expression to select precisely what needs to be published.

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In the example, task T1 is chosen a target task. This ticket is fully refundable and name change is possible up poly dating canada 30 days after scheduled departure date.

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If it fires then the task is considered error. Optional with-items - If configured, it allows to run action or workflow associated with a task multiple times on a provided list of items. In this case all the parameters will be effectively merged.

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Close Students Student Denmark Valid for full time students and persons undergoing national service up to the age of Action is similar to a regular function in general purpose programming language like Python.

See below for more details. It defines a specific computational step in the workflow.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It defines an executor to which task action should be sent to. Ticket can be altered against a fee of DKK ,00 per person per flight segment excluding possible difference in ticket rate.

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So direct workflow has a notion of transition. Workflows that finaref mistral simulation dating been ended with succeed or fail may not be resumed later, but workflows that have been ended with pause may be. Each task can optionally take input data and produce output.

In the above example, the on-complete has three steps to complete - these are executed in order until the workflow reaches a terminal state. Corresponding attribute defined for a specific task always takes precedence. Syntax with dynamic input parameter map: This ticket does not give you permission to CPH Express.

It is also possible to add system actions for specific Mistral installation via a special plugin mechanism. In the example below there are two tasks of different types: These commands are used to change the Workflow state.

Figure 2 explains how reverse workflow works.

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Name change is possible at a fee of DKK ,00 per person per flight segment ticket is still to be open for use. The task publishes the ID of the virtual machine, but if this value is empty then it will fail the workflow. Currently, built-in system actions are: The most common form is: So when the workflow starts Mistral will run only tasks T7, T8, T5, T6, T2 and T1 in the specified order starting from tasks that have no dependencies.

If it fires then the task is considered successful.

Réseau Mistral

When Mistral Engine starts a workflow it recursively identifies all the dependencies that need to be completed first. So in this case taskA is called first, then the fail engine command and taskB would never be called.

So on-complete should only be understood as a language construction that allows to define some clean up actions. Valid for flights operated by DAT. - Finaref - VisitorsWorth

If ticket is cancelled after 24 hours from booking time only the taxes will be refunded. This is optional, but if provided will be stored in the state info on the workflow execution. If this cannot be presented on request, you will be required to obtain an upgrade fee at a minimum of kr.

It means Mistral will wait for any completed task.

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It has a name and parameters. In Mistral Workflow Language v2, task can be associated with an action or a workflow. Each of the engine commands accepts a msg input. If the same parameter is specified in both ways then the one under input keyword takes precedence.

Target here physically means a name of executors group but task will be run only on one of them. The closest analogy is try-catch-finally blocks in regular programming languages. This action can be used to manually set the workflow state to error. It is important to understand the semantics of on-success, on-error and on-complete around handling action errors.

In case of ineligibility fare becomes non refundable and may only be used to upgrade to a higher adult fare which is available on day of departure. Mutually exclusive with action.

Mutually exclusive with workflow. This websites use cookies. See corresponding sections for details. Accept cookie policy Mistral state fare for persons with permanent residence in Lampedusa or Pantelleria and for labour passenger with active duty card identification in Lampedusa or Pantelleria.

Mistral Workflow Language v2 specification

When a task gets started Mistral will iterate over all collections in parallel, i. Example static workflow call: This ticket is not fully refundable after 24 hours from booking time. For direct workflow only. If concurrency task property is not set then actions or workflows in case of nested workflows of the task will be scheduled for execution all at once.