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This is a to Donnie Yen classic, with other top notch martial arts actors like Collin Chou and Xing Yu making the fights very exciting. In SeptemberChasing the Dragon was released with extremely positive reviews from critics, citing Yen's versatility as an actor and his incredible portrayal of the late Ng Sek Ho, the main character of the film.

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Flashpoint does an excellent job of letting things slowly escalate and build up, exploding at the very end of the film.

InYen started the production company Bullet Films, and made his directorial debut [18] in Legend of the Wolf and Ballistic Kissin which he played the lead character. Yen eventually accepted the offer and played a non-traditional role of a villain with limited fighting scenes and the opportunity to work alongside Andy Lau.

Rock Around the Dragon.

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Wilson then plans to testify in court, but after a few failed attempts on his life Tony and his brother Tiger Xing Yu kidnap his girlfriend whose pregnancy is now known to Wilson in order to force him to keep quiet so their brother Archer Ray Lui can walk free.

He is seriously injured in the process and becomes physically unable to perform his duties. His choreography and skills impressed the directors, and they invited him for cameo appearances in both movies. Sha Po Lang in Marriage minded christian dating then started kung fu when he was nine.

Early life[ edit ] Yen was born in GuangzhouChina. It was revealed that the movie would be filmed in both English and Mandarin to appeal to the international market.

Return of Xander Cage in Canada, he received many phone calls from Hollywood Studios and directors for offers of collaboration.

Init was reported that Donnie Yen would be playing the lead role for The Iceman Cometh 3Da sci-fi action film dealing with time travel and which was filmed in 3D. It was reported that Yen was considering the role and quoted as saying, "The first is that my schedule this year is very packed.

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Yen also worked as action choreographer in Stormbreakerstarring Alex Pettyfer. Yen also came from a family of musicians. Donnie shows off a an excellent level of groundwork with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu movements and techniques, as we see at the very start of the film when he enters the ring to spar against a suspect — whom he takes down to ground.

The cops vs bad guys thing has been done before, and this is nothing different in terms of plot. On Blu Ray —.

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I am afraid of the pressure, that the original cannot be surpassed. Naturally all of the witnesses are killed by the Vietnamese gang and their leader Tony played by Collin Chou.

For Return of Xander Cage, many media sites including Variety, Los Angeles Times, Screen Anarchy and Budomate praised Yen's performance and credited him as the highlight of the movie and stealing every scene he is in.

The storyline is interesting enough, but this one is all about the action. InYen returned to the movie industry and commenced the filming of Special IDin which he played the main lead, an undercover cop, and also took on the role of action choreographer.

In late MarchIp Man 3 was announced. Yen finally started taekwondo at around the age of sixteen. His mother is a soprano, in addition to being a martial arts teacher in Boston, while his father is a violinist.

Yen was forced to borrow money from loan sharks and his production crew to get by. This is repeated through the movie showing off flying armbars, triangle chokes and other ground fighting moves. For the promotion of xXx: It was stated that Yen was considering the offer, had many films at hand, and would wait until deciding whether the script appealed to him.

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Yen and Li appeared together again in the film, Herowhere Yen played a spear or qiang fighter who fought with Li's character, an unnamed swordsman. Retired boxer and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was confirmed to join the cast.

Yen confirmed that MMA would be used in both of the abovementioned films.

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The Return of Chen Zhen. Endgame and Blade II In return, Jet Li and Jack Ma surprised Yen and his wife Cissy, by helping to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the set.

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Before long Wilson suspects he may be losing his cover and ends up escaping the gang at the last minute once discovered. Yen reprised his role as the titular character, Bruce Lee 's martial arts master, Ip Man.

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Films produced by his own production company and directed by him were critically acclaimed but did not do well at the box office. The second is that the first film is already such a classic.

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Both films were featured at the Toronto International Film Festival. Li personally invited Yen back from Hollywood to star in the movie, marking the second time the two actors appeared onscreen together since Once Upon a Time in China II ten years earlier.

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Yen focused on practising wushu seriously at the age of fourteen after dropping out of school. My cup of tea and a definite recommendation to other action fans! Yen continued to work with Wilson Yip in Flash Pointin which he starred as the lead character and served as producer and action choreographer for the film.

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At age 34, Yen almost went bankrupt. The image of Ma Jun beating Tiger to death using ground and pound is stuck in my head as the top reference! Mike Tyson stated during a press conference that he was a huge fan of Donnie Yen and has watched the first two Ip Man movies more than three times each and was honored to be invited for the final installment of the trilogy.