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Edit pictures and add text with the help of the collage maker with watermark! There are many new features in this recent version of this Henry Stickmin Series game. One, Wide, Fit Image, Circle and more.

Along the way, you'll find help from the environment and even old or new friends. Like this if the player has chosen the bring Ellie then he has to choose the successive correct options to escape from the prison successfully when Henry asks Ellie to come up with him on a motorcycle and then they escape from that place with a great speed by attacking the Warden and then the player will be awarded with the title of Convict Allies.

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Fleeing the complex

Escaping the Prison happens because of Henry's criminal actions in Breaking the Bank. Background Released inFleeing the Complex is the 5th and so far last sequel in the Henry Stickmin adventure series.

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If a player chooses the option Charge Tackle at the beginning of the game, then there is only one successful endings of the game and then at last no option should flee the complex newgrounds dating chosen by the player before the timer runs out and then he will be awarded the rank Presumed Dead as then the Warden kicks the truck into the ravine but Henry somehow manages to escape from that truck and clings himself on the wall of the ravine.

If you fail, death is awaiting you The only correct option here is Synchronized Takedown in which both of them constrict the neck of the guard and then they proceed to the next level where they faces a door, but the button to open the door is on the other side where the player has to make another decision and he will be correct only if he choose the option The Force.

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Like the earlier games Breaking the BankEscaping the PrisonStealing the Diamond and Infiltrating the Airshipthe goal is to choose the right paths, tools and moves while you try break into or out of different places to escape - or cause - trouble.

Not every choice you make will lead to a bad ending, but some lead to "fails" from the get-go. Don't let anyone steal your images by using the But if a player chooses GO solo and not bring Ellie with him, then after making the correct decisions successively he will be awarded with the title Ghost Intimate when Henry climbs up into a boat to sail away.

The game can be played by using the mouse and then you have to choose the a coloring sheets of young people dating decision to successfully escape from the prison. This is probably to set Henry up for his next adventure as he tries to escape from prison.

One can play this game in this smartphone, tablet, computer and laptop. When the game starts then Henry wakes up and finds himself in the prison The Wall and see The Warden in front of him.

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But if a player chooses Play dead, then it will be a wrong decision as then Henry pretends that he has died in the cell and at least along with all other dead inmates he is tossed in the ocean by Gregory.

This game requires strategy and also your skill to make the correct decision every time and in every step of the game. Add Watermark on Photos - Watermark So to enjoy this game at the fullest download the setup file of the game and install it on your device and show your proper decision making ability by escaping Henry from the prison.

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You will have to make good and fast decisions to make it out alive. So if you think that you are good in decision making then you should play this game at least one in your life.

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Gameplay and Storyline of flee the complex game This game has five different endings which are dependent on the decision of the player and 60 different ways to make wrong decisions.

Available aspect ratio include: But in the Map, no step back feature is allowed. Press the rotate button to rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Otherwise e you will not be able to escape from the prison and you will fail to complete the game.

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Infiltrating the Airship

If he chooses to bring Ellie with him, then again, he has to make a decision as the escape path is guarded by two men. If some player chooses Boost up option, then they there are 2 possibilities of right ending. Fleeing the Complex is basically a flash game and to play this game you should have Flash Player and Adobe Air in your device.

Make your pic horrible and funny dirty and share with friends. As the game does not require high graphics support and a lot of space to install so this game makes a positive impact on the players.

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Besides these characters there are also some minor characters like Karlov, Evan, Waldo etc. The game is released on 12th November, One of these features in inclusion of maps in the gameplay, which makes the navigation for the wrong decisions easier and it also include to revisit some choice screen from any of the five successful endings of the game.

The entire game is based on quick-thinking, strategy, and decision-making. Each sequel is tied into the previous game i. In Breaking the Bank, every choice will be a fail.

Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing the Complex is an amazing stick figure escape game. In this option Henry asks Ellie to help him to reach a hatch in the ceiling and after some struggle he finally manages to get up but now again players have to choose two options whether Henry bring Ellie with him or not.

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Stickman You are trapped inside a small prison cell, and you have to escape not just your cell, but the whole prison! There are a total of 18 medals in the game which can be achieved by selecting different options to escape from the prison. Then the Warden ensures him that he is in a place in Russia where some notorious and cunning criminals are kept and then he instructs Gregory to move Henry Stickmin to transfer cell where he meets Ellie.

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This app gives you the facility to make most Another new feature we can see in the time limited decision where a bar fills up at the top of the screen which indicates the remaining time to select the option.

The highly secured prison is guarded by some strong stick soldiers. If the Wait for Transfer is chosen by the player then there are 2 endings possible by the player and for each of these endings the player is awarded two different titles named as The Betrayed and International Rescue Operative.

Henry Stickmin is the hero of the game and in this sequel of the game due to his past actions he is imprisoned in an area named as The Wall. Different shapes available to crop images: Use the crop functionality to remove unwanted portions of the image and choose between the many aspect ratio available to better adjust your photo.

This game is very much popular in the series and this requires extensive decision making skill to play the game.

The fact that you can't really predict which choice makes the most sense means Fleeing the Complex is just as unpredictable as the earlier games except Breaking the Bank. This game has a direct connection with the other 6 games of this series.