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Brush and curl your eyelashes again. With a zigzag motion, work your way slowly towards the tips.

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I have to declare this round a Tie, because I liked both brushes for different reasons. Take care not to wipe or rub or else, your eyelashes will become glued next to each other.

Waterproof mascara could be the way to go. Dip your mascara brush once in your mascara tube, careful not to get any solidified formula from the tube opening.

Eyelash enhancers help grow, thicken, and strengthen your eyelashes.

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As soon as your brush touches the base of your eyelash strands, wiggle softly. Blink several times while the cloth is between your eyelashes and your lower eyelids.

If you flirt all that lash mascara that clumps are forgivable, leave it be. Oh, and did we mention it comes in a pretty pink tube? End with a primer or colourless mascara for added anti-smudge and c99shell online dating power.

Put on an eyelash primer. The brushes were also stiff, which is another plus, as softer bristles make it hard to comb through clumps. Well, think about lash primer in the same way.

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However you want it, eyelashes are undoubtedly important in giving an extra oomph and added aaahh to your regular, daily look. Since they're both volumizing formulas, I decided to pit them against each other to see which one comes out on top!

Allow the primer to dry a bit then, curl your lashes. This also helps rid your eyelashes of clumped or excess mascara for that extra, impeccably flirty finish.

For a seriously dramatic look, carefully apply a coat of mascara to your bottom fringe as well. All That Lash has the same giant teddy bear brush as my favorite splurge mascara, Diorshow. So, add these six mascara hacks to your beauty routine and get to work on that fringe!

Go for a second coating. Just place the brush at the base of your lashes and gently sweep up to the tip. I was able to layer it without it clumping.

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I had to use a lash comb afterwards. Clean your mascara brush. Make sure to start at the base of your eyelashes, and take care not to let your brush touch your eyelids. Hold it just below your lower eyelid. The Rimmel brush was also amazing- it's large in size, but also has a tapered tip, perfect for grabbing those baby hairs at the inner corner of the eye without getting mascara all over your skin.

12 Mascara Tricks for Flirty Lashes

Here are twelve tips and tricks you can try with your mascara: Do the same with your brush on top of your eyelashes. Give it a light squeeze, hold, then, pull the curler slowly towards the tips of your eyelash strands.

If you decide to wear it, there must be some type of eyelash enhancement that you would like to accomplish. Imperfections when applying mascara are mostly derived from poor or unclean brushes.

Wipe off any excess mascara. Again, make sure to apply mascara on both the top and bottom of your eyelashes. Get hold of a cloth that does not have cotton fibers disintegrating.

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You can see how thick the formula is on the end of the brush! Take your curler again and do another round of eyelash curling. Get the right mascara that answers to your eyelash problems.

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Start at the base of your eyelashes. For bolder, more dramatic eyelashes, go for a second coating, whether or not you followed Tip No. Let your mascara dry for a few minutes. Instead, gently pull the brush out of the tube and apply your mascara by sweeping the brush from the base of your lashes up to the tip.

FLIRT! All That Lash Mascara

Apply your mascara with Tip No. So, keep your eyelashes glamorous, girl! It also has some high tech ingredients like Procapcil, Keratin and Caffeine that are supposed to make lashes more numerous over time.