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Flirt hot mama blush, where to buy

You need the tiniest amount on the brush. It has a retro inspired image on the front which you either like or you don't, I fit in the "it doesn't appeal to me" camp. This blush comes in a cardboard packaging with a retro design of a woman in a tropical place.

It's often described as a dupe for Nars' Orgasm, but I disagree and you'll see swatches bellow which confirm that. The base of it it's pretty pink, but golden sheen on top of it makes it look coral.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso has the most similar finish, except that Hot Mama has a bit more sheen to it and more glow.


So I know you are wondering this — How does it compare to Nars Orgasm then? Hot Mama is a much more unique shade and dare I say even prettier, actually it's one of my favourite blushes I got recently and I ended up wearing it a lot.

The cover is cute and it comes in a cardboard heimsendir online dating case identical to the cover.

About this product Product Information The Hot Mama Blush formula allows for a soft, natural glistening without the harshness of glitter.

Flirt FLIRT Peek-a-blush Hot Mama

This is free of both talc and parabens, showing a genuine concern for the well-being of consumers. The quality is excellent, especially the staying power, so I'm impressed. As you may know I love highlighters and this is a very shimmery glowy coral blush.

So, coming back to Hot Mama — how does it look on? If you have fair skin then you might want to use a light hand and a light touch, building up colour and intensity. The pigmentation is highly concentrated and provides color all day long.

The Balm Hot Mama Pink Blush | eBay

Mary-Lou Manizer is my favorite highlighter of all time and it's a light golden champagne shade. Drawing upon a wide-ranging group of sources, she created a great cosmetics collection.

Hot Mama has a darker and more yellow golden sheen on top of it, but the formula of gold sheen seems very similar to Mary. Its less shimmery than Orgasm but a little more shimmery compared to Torrid. Hot Mama is the perfect coral addition to my collection.

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Ingredient combinations blossomed into what Marissa Shipman and her colleagues found to be the essential elements in a beauty routine. Easy to overdo Have you tried Hot Mama or anything by theBalm? It gives the cheeks a very natural healthy flush of color and makes them stand out a bit more, because of the gold sheen.

Hot Mama has become one my new favorite blushes. I am not crazy about the design. Its a nice little brand but it would also be nice if they broke away from the mould of Benefit Cosmetics or Pout now defunct.

I much prefer their Manizer packaging, which is really cute, although still a bit retro.

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Ease of application adds to the luxurious look and feel. Hot Mama is a lot more pigmented and the gold sheen is not as obvious.

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I usually go for peach blushes and I very rarely use pink. It's such a unique shade and the golden sheen on it is everything. It might surprise you how gold it looks in the pan. If you have darker skin then its not much to worry about.

If the base would be a bit peachier, I would probably wear it all the time. I usually go for peach blushes, so this is a nice alternative for those days when you really want your cheeks to convey that healthy pretty glow.

Hop on below for the swatches.

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There is a considerable amount of gold sheen in this, much like in Nars' version, but compared to that one Hot Mama is a lot more coral. On its own Hot Mama is a peach pink powder that is supposed to work as blush, highlighter and eyeshadow.

Everything that looks like Coralista is my jam and this is a slightly pinkier version, but with the same awesome gold sheen.

The ingredients exceed the standards of purity set by the Food and Drug Administration. I think the price is good for the amount you get, but is on a bit more expensive side. I can wear this the whole day and at the end it still looks exactly the same.

A bonus is that it is manufactured without cruelty to animals. Intense pigmentation allows a little to go a long way and creates a definite but delicate pop of color.

Obviously you can also wear this on your eyes and it works great there too, but I always use it as a blush. But it is a blush that is very warm and I'm not sure if it will work for cool skin tones, even I sometimes feel it's too golden if I wear a foundation with a pink undertones.

I have nothing that's the same color.

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Gliding on smoothly, the peachy, pink shade leaves a velvet finish on your skin. The beautiful effect accents all complexions from porcelain to bronzed. They describe it as a blush and eyeshadow, but I wouldn't wear this on the lids because such shades around the eyes would make me look ill, but it would probably work on someone with green or hazel eyes.

The formula excellent, it's pretty much a standard high end blush and it also performs that way.

The Balm Women's Hot Mama Blush - AreaTrend

Hot Mama was the first item I tried from theBalm. Sometimes I struggle to apply just a light flush, because I almost always overdue it.

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If you take a glance at it, you would think another orange blush, but it's much more dimensional on the actual skin. Hot Mama can be used as a shadow or a blush. If you have a warm skin tone you'll love this shade.

It's also crazy pigmented so be careful when applying it.

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This looks a lot more orange in the pan than it does on the skin. You could probably skip highlighter with this blush, if you don't like it to be too glowy.

In the pan they look exactly the same, but once swatched, this one is even more gold, peachier and lighter.

It's one of the most long lasting blushes that I own. Because the application goes on so smoothly, it lends itself to blending with other products. Have a great day!

It's finely milled and it gives a beautiful sheen rather than glittery look. If you love coral shades and adore highlighting blushes with golden sheen, you'll definitely love this. What it does work well as is a blush and I would say that it could suit most skin colouring.

I like that it's easy to carry around and has magnetic closing.