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This unfortunately brings me onto the biggest disappointment, the colour doesn't match between my pre-installed case LEDs and the light strip. The LEDs themselves are brilliant, just the right brightness level to look classy, while not becoming a distraction to me when gaming despite being up on my desk.

LED position is frequent giving a nice glow effect oppose to multiple individual bright spots.

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Phanteks must have changed their design so well done to them for listening Lee Rogers Good LEDs, shame they don't match the ca Bought these for my Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, and have rather mixed feelings. Overall for the price I couldn't really fault this.

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Sadly there aren't enough reviews yet to ascertain whether this is a frequent issue, or if I was just unlucky. All in all very happy with this RGB cable, the sticky strips aint very easy to use but if your case works with magnets you wont need them anyway.

Multicolor Magnetic RGB LED Strip - 2 Metres

Even with my colour mismatch it is the perfect add-on to make your Luxe just that little bit more special, and if like me you are a sucker for cable management, braided cables and generally making your PC look as good as possible, I can only recommend this product.

I assume it is due to different LEDs being used in the case to the lighting strip, but this makes no sense to me if that is the case, as this product is designed specifically for the Luxe. Was surprised when it arrived to now find these strips are also magnetic.

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Shame it doesn't come with it really. The 2m strip was slightly more than needed to go once around the circumference of the case, leaving around 10cm of overlap, that due to the way I stuck my LEDs wasn't an issue, but is something to bare in mind.

They fit perfectly and are relativity easy to install, although some extra stronger adhesive is needed for the trickier places such as corners.

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Basard Great Fantastic led strip to complete my Phanteks luxe. I hope this is due to a faulty strip, but sadly this is unlikely as they are all the same colour, which means it is either an issue with my cases LED control or more worryingly very bad product design by Phanteks.