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Flirt kartoffeltopf, pedigree database

Kartoffeltopf - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English

If my heart were to fly, your soul would be my airport. I have a math test Girl: Cause you're hot and I want s'more You still use Internet Explorer?

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Because I wanted you to fall for my smile as hard as I fell for you! Online dating is extremely efficient and easy comparing to traditional dating methods.

You can get tests' results, go for a date or rate pictures for free.

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Send out an invitation and enjoy a date. Fire trucks don't stop for red lights!

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Spend a minute to answer a few questions and find your perfect match nearby. I have a boyfriend Boy: You won't have to pay in order to find your perfect partner.

Gurl, you remind me of a box of chocolates I'd like to BUY you a drink You smell like trash Are you a campfire? Mami you on fire The best way to date is to be on Flirt. Your still missing one Boy: You are in control of data you publish on your profile.

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Is your dad Liam Neeson? Everyone will find a date! Take quizzes, play games, flirt and have fun. Cause I want to take your top off.

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If kissing is spreading germs There are no social boundaries or age restrictions - online dating is for both young and old.

I'll give you the D later Boy: Girl, whats your number? You will find your perfect partner without spending hours on browsing others' profile. I'd check my watch but I can't take my eyes off you. Lets play Firetruck, I run my fingers up your legs and you say red light to stop.

What do you think if we start the epidemic? Le'me be the wind and make you even hotter. Will you be my penguin?

German-English translation for "Kartoffeltopf"

You can instantly go for a date with people you like - go for romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, see the latest movie in a cinema or even go for a romantic trip to Paris. Cuz you a fine pizza ass.

Because I'm Taken with you Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Do you work for Domino's? There are 20 letters in the alphabet right?

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We promise that on Flirt. Cause you have a pretty sweet ass! Do you wanna be my SLUT? Just answer a few simple questions in compatibility tests and our unique algorithm will find right people for you.

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On some dating sites you need premium membership to see profiles of other users while on Flirt. I want to be your handbag so I never leave your side. Why does mine start with U?