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Not only will your dog love the taste but this one tablet will contain everything needed to build muscle and aid in recovery after a great work out! So build yourself a Flirt Pole, find some grass, and get your dog jumping!

When the dog catches the flirt, praise him for his endeavor and allow him to enjoy the fruits of his labor for a few seconds. Some dogs never really seem to catch on were as others devise near flawless techniques.

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One thing that is not needed is levels of stimulation. Read more Are Pitbulls Dangerous? Flirt pole pitbull music ways to recover after a flirt pole workout: In the end, win or lose, all the dogs have a blast trying to catch it. When he of course refuses, you middle age dating web sites "let go" again, and this time you give a little electric stimulation with the pitbull training collar.


On the next page: This is no different with dogs. Any more than that and you have your work cut out for you. I use any one of a number of rope type of toys. If you are not familiar with a flirt pole, the best way I could describe it; it is a carriage whip. Make sure when using the Flirt Pole that you keep your dog on soft ground such as grass or sand.

Do not use the images or content on your website. I get more emails from people seeking advice and Pitbull Information than you could even imagine. You can even do this with multiple dogs. Make sure you read the reviews to get an idea of how you might want to use the flirt pole.

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Some will use a piece of leather or animal hide properly tanned of course. If you have a dog with a lot of stamina you can do this for an hour or more.

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How often should my dog and I use the flirt pole? Take your electronic training collar or as some call it; training collar, and after adjusting it to the individual dog's proper training collar setting, take a single dog out for training and begin the exercise.

Amazon has some toys made for this. Then all you have to do is spin the whip in a circle just above the reach of the dogs.

How to Build A Flirt Pole (Exercise equipment for dogs) -

Do pitbulls have locking jaws? I recently saw a cheaply made unit selling for around fifty dollars that had a 4.

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I prefer one with an overall length about 12 feet including the rod and the rope whip. Upon close examination, I noted the unit had only been available for less than 2 weeks and that all the reviews were FAKE. If your dog is small, the top manufactures have units designed for dogs as small as ten pounds.

How to use a flirt pole with your dog:

Sadly I can't spend every second with them as I am confident they would like. In time you will develop the technique where you remain stationary while holding the pole upright as you spin the whip in a circle.

Are pitbulls safe around children?

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If you have a dog that is aggressive toward other dogs; you will need the extra power. This caught my attention.

If you have only one dog, don't pay for something you don't need.

What does the Flirt Pole do?

You don't need that. Mr Pitbull tells you how to go about getting a pitbull for just pennies on the dollar. Then instruct the dog with the firm command "Let Go". To accomplish this, I employ several routines during play time, which we me and the dogs both look forward to.

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Then bring them all out, and determine which dog or dogs under the added excitement of "peer pressure" forgot everything he had just learned and retrain him with the aid of the electric pitbull training collar, with the presence of one or two dogs that need no further training.

Although the reviews on the surface looked legit, they were simply copied and pasted from real reviews. Once he quickly responds to your commands, bring them all out again. I tell you what will work along with what doesn't.

These are just a few of the question I answer.