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As a side note: Then instruct the email address for dating sites with the firm command "Let Go". I walk over to the flirt pick it up and the dogs position themselves for the next go round.

And don't get bit. How to train with a shock collar. Such brands will include collars capable of shocking a dog up to a mile a way, which comes in handy in certain hunting scenarios.

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Other duties and obligations stand in the way. Do pitbulls have locking jaws? Do pitbulls suddenly snap and attack their owners? On the next page: Amazon has some toys made for this.

This of course has resulted in hundreds of cheaply made overseas collars hitting the market.

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Sadly I can't spend every second with them as I am confident they would like. Some dogs never really seem to catch on were as others devise near flawless techniques.

This caught my attention. Below, I have a few different options. In the end, win or lose, all the dogs have a blast trying to catch it.

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To accomplish this, I employ several routines during play time, which we me and the dogs both look forward to. I always make sure that each dog has had the opportunity to get plenty of water before putting them up.

All it takes is about 10 or 15 minutes of play time and your pitbull will be completely tired and satisfied. I also want to make sure that myself and the dog have a good time too.

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Within minutes, you will say; "let go" and the flirt will be lying on the ground guaranteed. Upon close examination, I noted the unit had only been available for less than 2 weeks and that all the reviews were FAKE. This is a product that can't afford to be defective and cause injury to your beloved dog.

Read more Are Pitbulls Dangerous? If you have a dog that is stubborn, you may need a unit with a lot of power. As you know, once a Pitbull has something between his teeth, they don't like to let go.

Tie something on to the end of the whip.

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Therefore one of their lower price models may be sufficient for your needs. When he of course refuses, you say "let go" again, and this time you give a little electric stimulation with the pitbull training collar. You don't need that.

Do not use the images or content on your website. I pick mine up from Tractor Supply, but the price at Amazon is a lot less. If you are not familiar with a flirt pole, the best way I could describe it; it is a carriage whip. I prefer one with an overall length about 12 feet including the rod and the rope whip.

Now try it with six or eight dogs and see what happens. Don't throw a pail of water. I tell you what will work along with what doesn't. Don't be fooled, by a cheap price.

Prying the flirt from their mouths after all the excitement and anticipation is next to impossible. I want to make sure that after the training and exercise session is over with, that they are fully tired and ready to retire to their kennel for much deserved rest.

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These are just a few of the question I answer. My favorite collar had just 7 levels, that was enough for any situation. Now if you have one dog you can wrestle it out of their mouth. One thing that is not needed is levels of stimulation. Make sure you read the reviews to get an idea of how you might want to use the flirt pole.