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It makes an explanation. This winter, let me be your summer.

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Today, tomorrow and yesterday there will be … one heart that would always beat for you … You know Whose??? I am getting so many hiccups. I love you to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

Mujhe ek kiss dedo Gf: Baby ye kya hain? Because I love you so much! It's giving me a lead ache! Bus to aadhe ghate se ruki hue hai.

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I envy your mirror a lot. One who comes has a smoky heart, One who drinks has an alcoholic heart. I want to marry U. So, dear you must stop eating sweets I'm just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive.

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Too many girls out in the blue, but they are nothing compared to you! One stands for it. Gf ne ghusse se piche dekha aur boli. Fir juta bada ho jata haii… Juta 7 inch ka ho jata hai aur pair 3 inch ka Girlfriend Boyfriend Naughty Hindi Jokes Boyfriend ne girfriend ke tango ke bich me hath lagake…, Aur pucha: The boy jumped first, Girl closed her eyes and return back saying love is blind.

Waha se guzar nawab sahab ne ussne karte dekh liya.

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I will die for you? Difference between Saali and Wife: Aur 1 bar muh de.

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Advertisements Wife is dreaming in the middle of the night and suddenly shouts: Did you know that kissing prolongs life? Fir wo aaisa nahi karegi. Can we romance tonight? Advice of a dentist Treat your girlfriend like a toothbrush. I heard that good looks can kill. The boy said to the girl, see I told you not to worry!

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On Monday, Jeweller called up the old man. What do you mean, if I'm on diet, that doesn't mean that I can't look at the menu.

Remember sharing is good habit. Just a little bit of kissing and biting! Send this to people you never want to lose, I just did. It is a mutual or reciprocal action.

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I see myself as a crayon, I may not be your favourite colour, but I know someday, you will need me to complete your picture. Nowhere should I Hide? Saali is beauty, wife is duty.

On Second, My Socks.

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What is the height of Flirting? Aur apna land ladki ke hath me dediya. C ndom Laye ho na.

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A girlfriend is temporary but an ex-girlfriend is for a lifetime! Before I met you, I didn't know what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason at all. It is active and passive.

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I love you freely, as men strive for Right; I love you purely, as they turn from Praise Boy: Keep calm and flirt on! For this may mean that there is still enough space for another boy on top!

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