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I hardly made it difficult to figure out. Ajuda-me a perceber exactamente ao que andavas. Registreer om meer voorbeelden te zien Er zijn geen resultaten gevonden voor deze term. This swelling is a cyst a liquid- or semisolid-filled sacthat is granulomatous; that is, composed of young scar tissue.

To improve your language skills try the vocabulary trainer. The eye becomes sensitive to light, tears flow copiously and there is a sensation of a foreign body in the eye.

An internal sty is a staphylococcic infection of a meibomian gland, one of the modified sebaceous glands that lie close under the lining of the eyelids. The resulting vocabulary database can be downloaded and used for free. Wij hebben het volgende gevonden spaans woorden en vertalingen voor "sty": Vais perceber depois de eu explicar ao presidente.

The mosquitoes are a little tough to understandI guess, but I'm receiving a lot of such reports lately, so I implemented a translation wish listsimilar to the audio wish list that appears to be working well.

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According to Google's statistics the update is already running on almostdevices. The area of infection is first reddened and then swollen like a pimple or small boil, with a yellow spot in the centre. Besides browsing the dictionary or searching for English-Dutch translations you can also ask and answer questions related to the English or Dutch language using the translation forum.

There are some minor improvements, but so far no serious problems have shown up.

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Warm compresses help it break sooner. Procuraste-me para tentares perceber como evitares magoar as pessoas. An external sty results from infection of a sebaceous gland at the edge of the eyelid; tears flow and the eye feels tender, as if something is in it.

Two types are distinguished, the external and the internal sty.

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I didn't lose rebecca. After a long testing phase and a step-by-step launch, the rewritten Android app is now publicly available for all devices running Android 6 or later.

If you spot an error, please report it using the info button [i] located next to each translation within the search results. Try and help me understand exactly what it is that you signed up for. There's one thing you Ma'am, I'm afraid you may be too close to the situation to realize De definitie van het woord "sty": The audio wish list is now available for all languages.

You'll understand everything once I've explained it to the president. The external sty is an infection, usually with staphylococcus organisms, of a sebaceous gland in the margin of the eyelid. These infections are more painful than is the external sty because they are pressed between the eyeball and the fibrous platecalled the tarsal platein the lid.

You need to wake up and realize I'm not getting any better.

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You sought me out to try to understand how not to harm people. An internal sty is caused by infection of a meibomian gland under the eyelid lining. I must say, when I wake up in the morning, it does take me a few seconds to realize where I am. Looking at the stars, Makes one realize how inconsequential we all are.

She made me realize none of it was real. | English-Dutch dictionary | Engels-Nederlands woordenboek

The sty reddens and swells. The "New Entries" page in the Contribute section will indicate new translation requests as they come in. Good things come to those who wait. The internal sty usually breaks through the lining of the lid, rather than the outer skin, when it discharges.

I began to realize I didn't really understand anything.

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Thayer, come on, you need to realize that. The correctness of the translations cannot be guaranteed nobody is perfectbut all input will be checked carefully.

This type of sty is sometimes called a chalazion, although the latter term is usually reserved for a painless swelling of the meibomian gland. Second public beta version of the new dict. Een voorbeeld voorstellen Resultaten: It just made me realize how lost I was. We should be trying to figure out who did this.

It sometimes appears without apparent cause and sometimes as an aftereffect of an internal sty.